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A Little Update to the Blog, Random Posts and Headers


A Little Update to the Blog, Random Posts and Headers

Decided to mess about with the CSS and PHP code today to customise my blog a little further which is why you may have seen the "Maintenance" page several times today. Didn't really change that much but I took off the giant green tabs that used to be in the top-left corner and moved the items down just beneath the header image. I actually wanted to add a separator " | " in between each page title but, not sure how you do that. Can't seem to find the right parameters to pass into the wp_list_pages() method.

The other thing I've changed is the header image. It's still an image from 5cm but, you'll find the image is randomised every time you visit the blog or navigate between pages. Some were extracted from the official Japanese website's wallpaper section while other's were taken from the artbook I acquired not too long ago.

Last but not least, I've added in the "Random Posts" plugin so that my older posts can get some exposure. It has an impressive amount of options to customise how the random posts are displayed but, it would have been great if it actually lets you crop images too somehow or even make use of the new thumbnails that Wordpress automatically generates whenever an image is uploaded. It can take a while to load too sometimes but, I've yet to find something that offers as much flexibility and allows me to display an image from the post.

Maybe I'll re-design my blog from scratch once I've learned more CSS or maybe even write my own blogging software if I go as far as PHP too. Wordpress is great but, I think I can re-design the interface so that I can accomplish my regular tasks much faster and easily than I can now.

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