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Code Geass R2 - Episode 3

Anime Code Geass

Code Geass R2 - Episode 3

Despite the six minute video leak that happened a few days ago, episode three continues as planned today with nothing editted, clearing up more questions and showing more flashbacks.

Episode 3 Summary - The Captive Academy

As Rollo revealed his reason for appearing in front of the Chinese Embassy, his phone rings. He answers and is surprised to find a worried Lelouch asking if he was safe. What was going on? Zero was in the middle of broadcasting. Does this mean Zero was a different person? Just as he asks where his brother was, Viletta takes over to confirm Lelouch had returned to Ashford Academy. Hearing this, Rollo decides to return too.

Lelouch attending finally attending his P.E. classes.

Kallen was further inside the embassy watching the news report showing how Guilford had already taken Governor Carares' place, completely surrounding the embassy with a large Britannian army outside. She tries to tell Zero what happened but it was actually C.C. who was in his clothes. She says it was obvious what was happening. The Britannians didn't like how a new nation had suddenly risen out of their own territory and it was one which they had conquered even.

C.C. had switched places with Lelouch just before the broadcast. Kallen doesn't like the fact Zero was still keeping secrets from "them" but C.C. smiles. Kallen just didn't like Zero keeping secrets from "her".

It’s a magic show.

Lelouch had now finished his P.E. classes and was helping Milly with her cooking because Rivalz wasn't that great at tasting while Shirley wasn't good at cooking at all. Milly hints to Lelouch that Shirley isn't going to manage very well by herself at this rate but Rivalz say they should be all right with Lelouch keeping track of their family finance. Just as Lelouch was getting angry about how Rivalz knew about that, Shirley drops her bowl. They were preparing for a commemoration party since it's been a year from the time Lelouch and Rollo had came back alive after the terrorist incident.

Milly teases Shirley revealing how worried she had been about Lelouch just before she rushes up to cover her mouth. Hearing this, Lelouch realises that everyone's memory had also been re-written so that memories of his sister Nunnally was replaced by the false Rollo.

I’m hungry now…

Rollo was on his way down to the secret intelligence base where Viletta was discussing the activities of Zero. Their surveillance network was tight with one hundred and eighty cameras installed around the campus and forty-seven undercover agents. There's no room for Lelouch to use his Geass without being noticed.

If Lelouch really was Zero, he should have no need to return to the campus. They have also yet to find C.C. contacting him. Viletta concludes the possibilities of him being Zero is very low but, Rollo reminds them that they don't know where Lelouch was just before the broadcasting incident. Viletta doesn't deny this and ends the meeting by telling the rest of the members to continue watching Lelouch so that they can capture C.C.

Evil spies?

Lelouch already knew where his enemy's hideout was but the problem was Nunally. It was very likely the Emperor had captured her. By erasing the memories of her from the people on campus, the Britannians must be sure Nunnally won't appear there. Lelouch couldn't make any careless moves against his ruthless father. If the Emperor finds out he had regained his memory, Nunnally would be in danger.

As Lelouch continues to think about what to do as he walked through the corridors, Viletta calls out to him reminding him about the next class. Lelouch turns round and smiles saying he will attend. He had to continue his act to deceive them for the time being. He remembers he had once used his Geass on Viletta before so it won't be possible for him to control her again. He will just have to use Rollo as part of his plans.

At another part of the world, Britannia was attacking the European Union. The battle appeared to be very even until Suzaku appears at the scene. The troops stop and stare in horror at the "white death god" who was now at the front lines and was telling them to surrender. Suzaku tells them that he will not attack if they throw down their weapons. Seeing how it was just one unit they were up against, the EU decide to take their chances but end up failing miserably. Schneizel was glad to have his former knight helping them filled with a sense of duty and self-consciousness even though he was in a world overwhelmed in sadness.

Italy’s under attack!

Back at the academy, Lelouch was looking over the school event photos. He finds it strange that Nina isn't there and Arthur must have been taken away by Suzaku. Just as they stop at the picture of the "Broken Heart Contest", Rollo appears and looks with him. Lelouch laughs as he thinks about how horrible is must have been for Rivalz to receive the prize from Milly, the one he secretly loved.

Suddenly, Rollo questions how his brother had managed to escape Babel Tower when it was completely surrounded by Britannian forces. Lelouch smiles at Rollo's question and corrects him saying he should be asking how he managed to escape the terrorists, not the Britannian forces. He continues that he had managed to escape through the emergency passageway and had tried to contact Rollo but couldn't.

Lelouch glances at the locket Rollo carried and remembers it was the day of Nunnally's birthday that day, October 25th. Anger wells up in him as recalls how his memories had been re-written. He tries to get the locket back from Rollo explaining that the gift really doesn't suit a young man but, is surprised by his false brother's desperation to keep it.

It’s mine! No one will ever take it!

Afterwards, Rollo was meeting with Viletta in the underground area again, reporting there was no change in Lelouch's activities and no signs of his Geass. They are interrupted when one of Viletta's subordinates enter the room. Alerted, Rollo immediately rushes towards the man. Viletta tries to stop him from killing more of her subordinates but is too late. Rollo activates his Geass to stop time and kills the man. No one is allowed to know about the existence of the Geass power including those from the Tokyo division.

Rollo freezes time.

At the embassy, Kallen was thinking over what Lelouch was planning. It's been three days since the announcement of the United States of Japan. The Britannians weren't going to stand around waiting forever and there were rumours that the Chinese Ambassador is going to get replaced.

Meanwhile, C.C. was in the middle of a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador who was letting her know they were going to try and hold off any negotiations with the Britannians for a week. Suddenly, Kallen bursts in, complaining how their plan would have worked better if C.C. was the one that went in in the bunny suit. Kallen didn't know about the meeting and runs off to hide her towel wrapped figure. Surprised, the Ambassador thinks Zero was a woman and C.C. tries to play along but, Kallen ruins it. Xingkue greets Kallen and says he had been very interested in the Black Knights.

Preposterous I say!

Seconds later, one of the Black Knights burst into the room to report two hundred and fifty-six of their captured members including Ougi were going to be executed publicly the next day if Zero doesn't come out to duel with Guilford.

Some screentime for the cameos.

Lelouch was just watching the broadcast alone when Shirley walks into the room. She wasn't going to go to her usual swimming club because she the others had wanted her to get a birthday present for Viletta who always got mad at her somehow. However, Shirley wasn't good at picking presents and didn't know much about brands. Hearing this, Lelouch decides to accompany her to go pick a present. Neither of them were aware Rivalz had been listening outside.

Preparing to go out, Lelouch looks at his glowing Geass in the mirror. C.C. had given him a special contact lens to conceal it because normal contacts can't do the job. However, if his Geass becomes any stronger, even this won't be able to conceal it. In response, Lelouch assures C.C. he will be finished with his game before that happens. He makes his way out towards the academy's main doors where he finds Rollo waiting. After explaining he was off to help Shirley pick a birthday present for Viletta, he leaves the building.

Where does C.C. get all these things?

Shirley and Lelouch were now at Omotesando Mall browsing through wine. While Shirley was hesitant about treating their little outing as a date or not, Lelouch was glancing at the mirror. He knew Milly and Rivalz would follow them but wasn't so sure they would manage to grab Rollo along.

Hiding behind some bushes, Milly was excited about the news this would make at the academy but, Rivalz wasn't so sure it was a good idea to have Rollo spying on his own brother. Milly smiles saying it's fine because the news is related to him. Shirley could become part of their family one day after all. Rollo looks away thinking about the word "family".

Handy mirror.

Lelouch had now picked up some wine and was heading to a mobile phone shop. He already knew he was being watched by another group since the little trap at Babel Tower but there were weaknesses to their organisation. Using these weakenesses, he manages to use his Geass power on one of the employees at the shop.

Returning to where Shirley was, Lelouch surprises her because she had been too busy listening to some music and staring at a couple. When asked what she was looking at, she points at a poster and says that was thinking about going on a cable car sometime. This reminds Lelouch of the time when he was painfully forced to erase her memory. He is also angry at how his best friends Milly and Rivalz' memories have been re-written too. He can't let things continue the way they are but is interrupted when he was about to say what he will do for Shirley.

Some things best left forgotten?

He tells her Milly and the others were following them although Shirley doesn’t believe him. She looks around and Lelouch tells her he has a good idea.

They walk off into a clothes shop while Lelouch’s every movement was being reported back to the Britannian forces. The spy behind them didn’t dare to enter due to the risk of being discovered. Viletta tells him to stay on standby while they send in three other members in to watch over them.

Spies everywhere.

Lelouch makes his way to one of the changing booths and asks Shirley to pretend he’s changing inside. When asked why, he tells her he wants to disguise himself so that he can leave and surprise them outside. Shirley smiles and agrees to do so.

Inside, Lelouch thinks to himself how he usually wouldn’t go to such a shop but it was only here that he can be sure there’s no hidden cameras or bugs installed. Also, with Shirley thinking it was just some joke they were playing, she shouldn’t get into trouble with the Britannians even if the plan fails. He had already used his Geass on someone to execute this plan. Now all he had to do was to do was lure them out.

No spying here.

Lelouch phones the Omotesando Mall security, telling them the Black Knights have setup a bomb and will activate it if their demands aren’t met. Immediately, the staff gives the secret warning over the mall speakers, “Attention Maximillia of the Hakodate Residence. There is a call for you.” Hearing this, the staff was now beginning to panic but tries to keep their voice low so that they don’t alarm the other customers.

Meanwhile, Rollo was trying to convince himself that Lelouch wasn’t really Zero and Villeta was telling the troops to watch out for C.C.

They can’t see me.

Sneaking out of the store in his disguise while the staff was distracted, everything was going according to Lelouch’s plan. Everything was now ready. A few seconds later, Lelouch’s Geassed victim hits the alarm switch causing the mall to be thrown into chaos. Rollo immediately rushes into the clothes store to check on Lelouch only to find he wasn’t there.

Back at the Britannia quarters, Viletta’s division was also panicking having lost sight of Lelouch. They weren’t getting any response from their spy “Scorpion” and couldn’t contact Rollo either because all mobile phone signals were jammed for security reasons. Viletta gets up and rushes towards the mall herself.

Panic amongst the secret intelligence.

Lelouch laughs satisfied that he made good use of the panicking people.

Rollo had now rushed off to the security quarters trying to find out where his brother Lelouch had gone. However, Lelouch was already waiting for him, pointing a gun to his false brother’s head. Rollo turns round, still disbelieved Lelouch was really Zero but he now knew Zero had been awakened.

Lelouch reveals that he had used their spy to report false information back to the base, knowing that capturing C.C. was their first priority. He believes that the cage-like academy will now be under his control which will allow him to track down Nunally’s whereabouts.

Didn’t notice that Knightmare the first time.

As Lelouch swipes his hand over his left eye activating his Geass, Rollo suddenly disappears before him. The situation had turned round. Lelouch realises Rollo must have stopped time with his Geass. Having confirmed the fact Lelouch was indeed Zero, Rollo prepares to pull the trigger to send Zero and his demonic eye to death.

How does he get himself out of this one?

At the same time, a loud explosion occurs back at the Chinese Embassy. Xingkue was making quick work of the Black Knights and threatens to eliminate them.

This is why he’s interested in the Black Knights.

Next episode, "The Counterattack at the Gallows".

Gyakushuu no Shokeidai


I wasn't thinking ahead so I didn't expect C.C. to be posing as Zero. I thought Lelouch really presented that talk. C.C. sure has some acting skills.

I see now they didn't limit Rollo's time stopping Geass power with time. They limited it using the area of effect instead. That's good enough I guess because it means Rollo will have to plan his moves carefully. However, it also raises the question of whether anything that enters that area will end up being affected too such as bullets. He would pretty much be invincible if it's that effective.

And those flashback images at the mobile phone shop made that particular scene even sadder. Hearing the song "Masquerade" was enough to bring back memories of those scenes if you already watched the first season. I wonder what Lelouch has in mind for Shirley? He didn't manage to finish that sentence.

I'm interested to see how Lelouch gets out of his little predicament though. Does he use his Geass on Rollo already? Or is it a blank that Rollo fires because he wants a brother that much?

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