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Persona Trinity Soul 13

Episode 13 Summary - The Snow Fields Dyed in Scarlet

It is another day in Ayanagi, the day when Ryo must face Kyujou at the appointed place. He gazes into the mirror as he straightens his tie. Jun looks in and happens to notice something different about his older brother. Ryo notices his presence and turns round, pausing for a brief moment before greeting Jun a good morning. Surprised by Ryo's sudden motion of friendliness instead of the cold, "What?" it takes a moment for Jun to do the same.

Jun then hears his brother hurrying him. Making his way back to the stairs with a bin in hand, Jun gets stopped by Shin downstairs. They were taking out the rubbish. Shin gets his younger brother to throw the bins down to him because they had to hurry before the rubbish truck arrived and manages to catch most of them with ease.

There was just one he missed causing all the litter to spill over the floor. Jun apologises and heads down to help his brother. While picking up the scrunched up paper balls, Shin just happens to come across a notice that belonged to Jun inviting his parents or guardians to school for an observation day. Jun had thrown it away since their parents had passed away but Shin smiles, offering to attend. Just as Jun smiles at the strange suggestion, Ryo had overheard and asks when the day was.

It’s a visit day at Ayanagi High.

On the way to school, Shin told his friends about what happened and they were all happy for Jun. Thinking back to the time they were living with their aunt, Shin remembers she never had the time to attend such events so it was great their brother has agreed to come this time. Takuro teases Jun to show off his skills in class making him blush. Shin notices and was also happy for his brother.

The friends tease Jun.

Ryo had now arrived at work in the parking lot. Just as he stops his car, he surprised to find Eiko getting in. She demanded to know who he had met with and what he had received the other night. Kunio had already told her what happened. And who was the young man in the morgue? Did Ryo really kill him?

Ryo sits in silence while Eiko lets out a sigh. She knew Ryo wanted her to stay by his side yet doesn't understand why he keeps such important matters to himself. Secretly, she slips a GPS device into the seat before leaving the car offering to have a look at Ryo since he hasn't been looking too good lately.

Eiko taking the initiative as usual.

Shortly afterwards, Ryo leaves his car too and makes his way to the Ayanagi Police Department's entrance. He salutes to the guard outside and pauses, taking a good look at the place he worked in before entering.

Meanwhile, Kunio and Tomohiro had been watching over them. Tomohiro was worried Ryo would find out they took one of the department's GPS devices without prior permission but Kunio answers it can't be helped. They can't write down they're trying to investigate the chief after all.

Kunio and Tomohiro continues to attempt to spy on Ryo.

At the Marebito base, Kyujou was talking on the phone to his funders. He was demanding to know why they were cutting off the funding from his research. The man on the phone answers it was because Kyujou's research had lost its original purpose and felt they were just recreating that same mistake that happened some years ago so they need to stop. All the classified data related to their research including all the drug information had been erased. The man also reminds Kyujou that he could be in danger after all the money that's been invested but, Kyujou wasn't worried at all.

Kyujou back at the base with photos of his daughter in the background.

Just then, Soutarou interrupts to report that Yuuji had disappeared. Smirking, he explains he had tried to scare him a little saying those who lose their Personas are erased. Kyujou remains expressionless as he warns Soutarou to stop his fooling around and tells them to make prepare themselves for the night while he goes search for him.

Sure enough, Yuuji was now struggling to escape out in the snow but, manages to slip back into the facility where he meets his demise as Kyujou finds him.

End of the road for Yuuji.

Ryo was not finishing up work at his office when the Deputy Chief enters with two hot drinks in his hands, remarking about how cold it was. He was born in the warmer southern regions so he hadn't really been willing to work in the cold snowy city of Ayanagi. Ryo thanks him for the drink and the two talk a little more.

If he had came to work from a different place then who was this sister that managed the inn at Kurobe? The Deputy Chief answers they had the same father but different mothers. However, despite all the trouble he had had in the family, he was kind of thankful towards his father because he had given him a sister who he could still talk to this day when he was still single.

A little chat with the deputy chief.

With that, the Deputy Chief says goodbye to Ryo and tells him to take care on his way back to the main police headquarters. Ryo stops outside his office and bows, knowing that he may not be able to return to his duty. He makes his way out and takes a good look at his subordinates going about their own duties. As he walks out the door, Kunio and Tomohiro were just on the way back. Kunio looks away as if not very pleased to see Ryo but is surprised when he is saluted. He knew something was wrong.

Kunio surprised at Ryo saluting him.

It was now afternoon. Shin and the others were hanging out on the school roof talking about how the Marebito haven't appeared for a long time. It was probably better that way though Megumi. Kanaru hoped the peace would last and those that disappeared are all safe. Hearing this, Mayuri looks away as she is reminded of Touma.

Just then, Megumi spots a large group of people making their way to the school. The visit day event was starting and for some reason Takuro is all psyched up about it. Just then, Shin's phone rings. It was Ryo and he wanted to meet Shin at their parent's memorial.

Friends hanging out on the roof.

Arriving at the memorial grounds, Shin angrily shouts at his brother for having the time to talk to him yet couldn't attend the visit day. Jun had been really looking forward to it. Without turning his back, Ryo answers he wanted to leave at least one single thing he still wanted to do and promises he will go to the next one. If he has the chance.

Shin was puzzled at the answer but was also frustrated. He demands to know why his brother was acting the way he was. Ryo hadn't always been so cold to them. He also confesses how he had seen the Potential Special A Candidates list and had learned from Kunio that they were pretty much all of them were dead now. Kunio had said it as if Ryo was behind all the killings making Shin wonder if that was the reason his brother was trying to keep away from them or was one of the Marebito that had attacked them. However, Shin didn't believe that could possibly be true.

Shin and Ryo at their parent’s memorial.

Ryo turns round asking why Shin didn't hand over the list to Kunio. Before he could reply, Ryo goes onto asking when he started be able to use his Persona. He answers since they moved back to Ayanagi. For a moment, Ryo pauses before saying regretfully it was him that ended up giving Jun the painful ability of being able to read other's thoughts. Shin tries to comfort his brother by saying he would have done the same ten years ago but stops short as Ryo gazes sadly at him.

Ryo asks why did Shin have to return to Ayanagi. If he hadn't then his Persona may not have awakened. Ryo hands over the GPS device Eiko had sneaked onto his car and asks Shin to return it before leaving the area and telling Shin to take good care of Jun. Once again, Shin was left in the dark but desperately tells his brother to come back to them.

Ryo tells Shin to take care of Jun.

As Shin made his way back to school on the train, Kunio rings up Eiko to tell her the GPS device had been discovered. He reports to her of Ryo's meeting with his brother and asks if she knows the next place Ryo would go to. After a brief silence, she apologises and doesn't give them any suggestions.

Concerned Eiko.

Meanwhile, Ryo was on the way to meet Kyujou and was talking on the phone to his contact. He apologises and confesses that he had long known his brothers possessed Personas but hadn't reported them. The contact answers saying he understands because he too had a younger sister after all.

It's going to be a big change to their original plans but the contact thinks it's best if they gathered the few remaining true Persona users together to form an elite team as of now to deal with the problems ahead. This will also mean Ryo will no longer have to keep using those drugs to forcefully summon his Persona. Ryo has no objections to his contact's idea because their Persona had already awakened. His contact goes onto ask where he was heading but Ryo doesn't answer.

Speaking to his contact again.

Back at school, Shin finds Takuro, Megumi and Kanaru outside Jun's class. They thought they could be there for him and at least wave whenever Jun looked to see if Ryo was there. They ended up getting into trouble for skipping class. Shin peeks in to find a somewhat embarrassed Jun but he seemed to be happy.

Friends helping Shin out.

However, while all ended fairly well at Ayanagi High, evening was settling in and the members of Marebito were getting into position. Eiko was also speeding her way to the place where she thinks Ryo will be and ends up crashing into the guardrail.

Ryo was now at the snow fields as Kyujou makes his appearance and begins his speech. He tells of how there are "Those" who wish to bring all humans under their control, working behind the shadows and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. They exist even amongst Ryo's superiors and control everything that humans come into contact with in their everyday lives. They have been stealing the power from human hearts little by little through the passage of time and this was the reason for the Personas awakening.

Kyujou making a grand entrance.

Kyujou believes humans are abandoning their hearts and thus their future. He believes by making use of "Their" economic power for his research, he will now be able to rectify that problem by merging all conscious together into one. However, Ryo tells him they are all false believes. Kyujou just can't stop his research because of his daughter and now, Ryo was here in an attempt to end it all. By accumulating more sins, Kyujou will never be able to pay for what he has done to his daughter.

Kyujou questions if Ryo is going to kill him again and a fight ensues between the two with Ryo's Persona struggling to hit Kyujou's Persona. A large burst of long sharp thorns pierce through Ryo and his Persona, sending a a large amount of blood through the air. However, Ryo was determined to fight on. He was not going to let his brothers Shin and Jun be killed. He tells Kyujou that his daughter is wandering around as part of something and was struggling against it. Kyujou is caught off guard just as he was about to retort and gets defeated by Ryo. Unfortunately, it was another projection just like their last encounter.

Kyujou is caught off guard.

Ryo falls to the ground face down as he Persona goes berserk, shooting everywhere. Suddenly, he hears Eiko's voice calling for him. She had made her way towards the flash of lights she saw during their fight. Smiling at the sight of Ryo, she struggles her way through the heavy snow towards him. Ryo desperately tries to tell her to stay back but it was too late. In an instant, Eiko was shot dead.

Ryo uses his last remaining strength to crawl to his beloved girlfriend lying in a pool of blood. His screams of sorrow can be heard ringing throughout the cold, dark night.

Eiko is dead.

Next episode, "Wandering in Between"

Hazama no Houkou


A very sad moment at the end watching the kind hearted Eiko get shot and what made it worst was by Ryo's very own Persona going berserk. With all that blood coming out I don't think she'll manage to get saved. And if Ryo survives somehow, I think the Marebito (probably Soutarou) will use this against the brothers to make them fight against each other. Unless Jun manages to explain what happens first.

I hate to say this but, I think that cry was a bit overdone. The Seiyuu (i.e. voice actor) could have just let out a single long cry like other shows.

On the other hand, it was interesting watching all the things Ryo done for the day such as saluting Kunio who he doesn't usually get along with, paying more attention to the police department he ran and visiting his parent's memorial. Really helped build up that showdown towards the end with Kyujou.

So Kyujou is carrying on with the research to try and save his daughter Ayane. Not really surprised but, now it's cleared up who the mystery girl is and explains why she appears grown up sometimes and little at others. But who exactly are "they" that Kyujou refers to? It reminds of a drama or movie where a large number people of important status from different backgrounds were part of a conspiracy against the world. I can't remember what the name of the works was.

In this episode we also hear Ryo's contact mention he had younger siblings too which helps to confirm that he must indeed be Akihiko Sanada from Persona 3. He did have a younger sister who died in a fire after all. And he's suggesting they form a team too using Shin and his friends. Could this mean we will finally see the grown up Akihiko soon? Would be great if we get to see the other members of the former SEES team too!

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Xcomp Author

Well, all the Persona 3 players had already suspected it was him on the phone because they had the same voice actor. But yeah, he doesn't seem as cool now being interested in idols and cosplay ^^;




Thanks for the episode summary, this one as well as all the ones before. Only recently started to watch this series. You
cleared up some points that I found confusing when I watched the translated version.




very sad...
dont worry about Akihiko, he will show up in ep 14




Augh, the prospect of Akihiko being the man on the phone gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. What have you done with him, Atlus?! ...I'm sorry, no matter how hard I try, I can't see him interested in cosplay. I think Atlus has officially ruined his character.

But on the bright side, thank you so much for posting this. It's been a big help through all of the Trinity Soul episodes, thanks a bunch. Really appreciate it.