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FFVII Crisis Core Getting Special Pre-Order Edition

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FFVII Crisis Core Getting Special Pre-Order Edition

According to Eurogamer.net, Europe maybe set to get a "Special Pre-Order Edition" of the much awaited Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core due around mid-June in Europe. Apparently the £24.99 package (€32)will come in a special box, the game and a hardback forty-eight page "Art of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII" artbook.

I guess this is a way of making up for how we'll be getting the English version almost three months after the US. I'm sure fans would be even more excited if they had a chance to get their hands on a local version of the 10th Anniversary PSP Package that was shown back at the FFVII three day exhibition in Japan.

This package certainly looks good but I wonder what will be in the artbook though... I really hope it's not just the character art that's already available on the Japanese website coupled with a bundle of screenshots from the FMVs and in-game cutscenes. An artbook full of AC rendered artwork would be great but I guess the rest of the FFVII gang won't be in it.

FFVII Crisis Core Special Pre-Order Edition

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