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Kaguya Sends Back HD Videos of the Moon and Earthrise

秒速5厘米 節日

Kaguya Sends Back HD Videos of the Moon and Earthrise


Remember Kaguya (AKA, "Selene"), the lunar probe that was launched from Tanegashima a few months ago? It doesn't really have much to do with "5 Centimetres per Second" but since the island was used as a setting in the movie, I thought I would put this post under that category anyway just like the last one.

It was interesting to find the probe's progress being reported on the BBC website today. More images and video footage of the moon and the "earthrise" can be found at the official project website.

Earth rising from the moon.

Now someone just needs to add some surreal touches to it and it'll look like the imagery from the start of Cosmonaut! I never noticed those were craters in the background in this screenshot.

Scene from 5cm Cosmonaut.


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Xcomp 作者

Interesting... But I think it might be best if we keep that part as a dream since most of the movie is "realistic" enough already. Need some room for dreamy fantasy ;)




Since you've brought this up, you might as well add the news about growing marigolds on the moon. Takaki's vision of a lunar grassy meadow may well come true one day.


Who woulda thunk, huh? ;)