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Caramelldansen, Do the Dance and Buy the Clips!


Caramelldansen, Do the Dance and Buy the Clips!

Behold! The latest craze to reach the Otaku population, "Caramelldansen"!

I don't know how this started but suddenly I was seeing this in a lot of people's avatars in the Animesuki forums. I didn't even recognise the dance was from the OP of an adult visual novel game named "Popotan" that I watched long ago during the 56k days.

Apparently part of the OP animation was extracted and the remix version of a Swedish song named "Caramelldansen" was attached to it. Then it just spread with many variations. The above version uses characters from Code Geass (I actually wanted to post the one where Lelouch gets smacked by C.C. for not doing the dance). Original version can be found on Youtube.

Cute song, cute animation but I haven't been "infected" yet unlike the time when I watched Loituma Girl. Now a Doujin group is actually selling a variation of this clip in Akiba, "Haru-Uma" featuring none other than Suzumiya Haruhi for 367 Yen (US$4) according to Akibablog (NSFW).

Now you can buy the clips.

There's a market for everything eh? Even keyrings that simulate bubble wrapping...

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Xcomp Author

Indeed. It's just a looped animation when you look at it. It's kind of scary when you think about how easily people can just sit there and watch for the whole song too ^^;




It's always interesting to see how these things spread like wildfire. And it also confuses me as to how these things tend to become the hottest fad. :P