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Move to New Host and Domain Complete


Move to New Host and Domain Complete

And what an exciting name I chose, eh? I actually wanted to go with Xcomp.com or Xcomp.co.uk but both of them had already been taken. I had thought of going with "Xcomp-Yuuenchi" but I don't really intend to keep that name for long. Just didn't want a Japanese word in my domain name for the long term so I arrived at "Xcomprandomness" instead.

I have pretty much got everything the way it was from the Wordpress server but, using your own private hosting means you'll lose some of the widgets and plugins that come as standard with free Wordpress accounts. So, as you can see, the "Most Views" plugin isn't working all that great with all the Unicode numbers in the titles but it will have to do for now until I find an alternative.

As I mentioned previously, I'll be renting this space and domain name for a year to see how things go. I'll probably try a mix of things now that I have direct access to all the core files and no code limitations. However, most important of all will be to keep an eye on the bandwidth usage. Somehow I don't think 1000 hits per day is going to eat up the quota that quick, though. It might now that I'm going to be hosting my own images for easier management...

That of course, means I'll be keeping the Wordpress blog up but I will probably remove some key posts from it just to transfer the traffic over here such as the "5 Centimeters per Second" and "FFVII: Crisis Core" related ones.

Anyway, that's the blog all set up now! It took a while because it was nearly all new stuff to me but it's done. Time to get back and concentrate on posting!

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Xcomp Author

Well, if you know any good ways of transferring images stored in a Wordpress account that would be great. I'll be mucking about with plugins soon I'm sure =P

Thanks for reading. Glad you like the stuff I write!




Ya Congrat's! Just wan't to say thanks for being so cool! Your Awesome! I hope u celebrated the occasion! Hey and thanks for all the great news and articles that u put a lot of hard work into. pat on the back man.

Kudo's! from an Aussie Fan.
Coldplater, Tim.



Calvin Michel Sidjaja

Congratz xcomp! Congratz for your new domain and webhost.

I also felt it's bit hard to move from my wordpress.com blog when it got around 90 or more visitors per day, but I think, the sooner I move the better it would be.

Have you played around with wordpress plugins? Don't forget to share your reader about the wordpress.org blogging toys you have used :D

Now I know what to update in my blogroll today~ :3