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Pixar's 2009 Movie Named "UP" and Cars Sequel in Line?


Pixar's 2009 Movie Named "UP" and Cars Sequel in Line?

According to Pixar Planet, Pixar Studios maybe planning to release a movie named "Up" in 2009 and that Disney may want a "Cars 2" in 2011. I really can't imagine what kind of story a movie named "Up" will have. Space related perhaps? As for a sequel to Cars, I don't really want one because I think the story's been wrapped up well enough already for Lightning McQueen.

Meanwhile, I'm curious to see what their movie for this year, "Wall-E" is like. From the trailers, it looks like a cute comedy. I see they've changed their jumping lamp animation during the company logo for this one too!

This reminds me... I've still to pick up Cars and the more recent Ratatouille for my Pixar DVD collection.

Wall-E Coming 2008

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