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An Appeal to Professor Layton Guide Writers, Take Them Down

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An Appeal to Professor Layton Guide Writers, Take Them Down

That's what the official site's put up a notice about. Level 5 doesn't want players using guides like mine, where you can just look up the answers, when playing their "Professor Layton" series of puzzle games. They want players themselves to figure them out so that they can get a taste of how fun it is to solve puzzles and so, appeals to people to stop putting answers up (but hints are fine).

An appeal to guide writers.

I'm sure a big part of this notice has to do with Professor Akira because all the puzzles are supervised by him. Being the author of the "Exercise You Mind" series of books that uses similar puzzles to help keep your mind sharp, I'm presuming he wants the same to be happening with the Professor Layton series of games.

Well, my guide for the Japanese version has been up for a while now and I don't intend to get Gamebrink to take it down. I doubt any of the Japanese wiki guides that are up will be removed either considering the hours of hard work that was put into them. Besides, people should be at liberty when deciding to choose to look at a guide or not. Maybe they got bored half way through the game and just want to finish off with the story.

On another note, the third and final title in the trilogy has been revealed as "Saigo no Jikan Ryokou (The Last Time Travel)". So, this is what London is supposed to look like in the future...

Professor Layton in the Future of London

What a great way to end the series eh? Everyone's interested in time travel after all... Change something in the past or see what the future will be like.

A recent question on the Wii's "Everybody Votes" channel was asking, "Which futuristic invention would you like to see first?" and the choices were "Flying Cars" or "Robots". 63.7% of the votes wanted to see "Flying Cars". Well, I see the famous London red buses here but no flying cars.

I voted "Flying Cars" by the way but, I think if something like that was to come true, they're going to need some serious regulations going on. Think about the current street racers and traffic accidents we have now.

And I'm guessing some of the people who voted "Robots" were Gundam mecha fans.

I've still to play the second game since I've been spending my free time on Wii titles instead but, I'm sure it'll just be as interesting as the previous one. For those of you still waiting for the English release, it has been confirmed for a February 18th release in NA. Some of the Japanese language oriented puzzles will probably be changed but, most of the answers in my guide should still be valid.

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