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Night of the Mario Galaxy UK Launch Event

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Night of the Mario Galaxy UK Launch Event

Uni finished at four today so I sat around for nearly two hours until the Mario Galaxy launch event started. There was no point returning home since it takes about an hour to head back.

I went to the Game store at around quarter to six and people were already queuing behind a single rail with the big Mario Galaxy banner hanging on it. Not a big queue, around say 20 people or so. Some cosplayers dressed up as Marios and Luigis were at the front entertaining the ones at front I think. No signs of other cosplayers. Most people weren't dressed up. Those who were were mostly kids with their parents. There was even a Spongebob here too as you can see!

People already queuing.

The queuing caught a few passerby's attention. Some shot photos with their mobile phone and others said, "What's this queue for?" "Mario Galaxy. A game." and walked on. I think there was one photographer who was really there for taking pictures of the event. Not really sure how that dress-up competition to win a Wii and a copy of the game is going to work.

By the time the event started, it was around quarter past six and the queue had grown to just over double the length before they were letting people in. The cosplayers left and a few Princess Peaches came out of the store and walked off with the Mario Bros. Doubt either three of them was a Nintendo manager. Then one of the ladies in a Mario Galaxy fleece walked through the queue telling us to line up only if you're buying the game. I wasn't planning to until I knew how much they were selling it at.

Starting to go in. Cosplayers gone.

I didn't really see anyone with the goody bags that were mentioned even when I reached the doors. I asked one of the staff if you only get it if you bought the game. The man answered with a serious face, "Only children under 12 years old get it." He was one of the security guards. Wrong person to ask and was probably messing around. I looked on and saw a number of teenagers wearing it on their backs. It was a dark blue gymsack with the Mario Galaxy logo on it. I decided to leave the queue to find one of the actual Game staff members to ask instead.

The demos.

The store wasn't much different than it was during the day. No additional Wii booths. What they done was replace their usual demo consoles with Wiis instead and there were three for people to try out the game. Ladies were walking around offering free pizza and fizzy drinks. The professional photographer was going around taking snaps of the people who did dress up. No one was actually trying out the game so one of the staff members offered these Mario Bros. a shot but they didn't want to spoil the gameplay experience for later.

So I watched a little of the game. From the screenshots and videos on the net, it looks like the best looking Wii game yet but here, the graphics looked really blurred. I think they didn't tune the TVs well.

Guy in the middle has the goody gymbag.

I continued to hunt for the goody bag in question and asked one of the game staff. They didn't know how the distribution worked either while another said they ran out already. Pity because I wanted to see what was inside. Especially that umbrella!

In the end, it wasn't too bad of an event although I felt the staff could have been a bit more knowledgeable about what was happening or, even the notices for that matter. The in-store price turned out to be £34.99 (not the £40 I was expecting), £2 more expensive than their online price. I would have bought it if they had an interesting goody like the Mario coin NA got but nevermind. Hope everyone else that attended the other events in the UK had a good time and also good luck to people who dressed up!

Time to leave!

Coincidentally, Gameplay has shipped my pre-order today so I look forward to that. It'll probably be Monday before it arrives by second class post. In the meantime, on with Endless Ocean!

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