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UK Mario Galaxy Launch Event Ads Finally Up

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UK Mario Galaxy Launch Event Ads Finally Up

After reading that there's going to be a Mario Galaxy launch event over here, I decided to drop by the Game store to see if it was true or not last week. It was just something I read off the internet after all. I didn't see any signs telling people about it and the staff didn't seem to know either. There were plenty of place holders for the game, though.

I went again to check today since it's supposedly on tomorrow and sure enough, these little posters were pretty much all across the front of the store. Was expecting them up earlier than this since they probably want as much publicity as possible. While inside, I heard someone say the Nintendo manager is going to arrive dressed up as Princess Peach.

Mario Galaxy Launch Event

I'll be dropping by the event after uni so I won't be dressed up (good to have some assignments done!). I'm curious to see how the event turns out. Doubt it'll be like the NA midnight launch. I tried asking the staff to see if they knew what price the game was going to sell at in-store but they didn't know. I'll just keep my pre-order with Gameplay then because I'm guessing they'll be selling it for £40 or more like Zelda:TP. I can wait.

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