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Wii Console DVD Player Version Not Coming This Year

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Wii Console DVD Player Version Not Coming This Year

Nintendo really enjoys making multiple versions of their consoles, don't they? First they came out with the DS "Phat" which I decided to buy because of Brain Age but stores no longer sell them. Then they came out with the DS Lite which I also bought for the better battery power for long flights.

Now Nintendo is going to release the Wii with a built-in DVD player. You might be thinking what's the point of doing that when most people will probably have more than one already (e.g. a dedicated DVD player and computers) but, it would help save space around the room. Not to mention it maybe a very old model with basic functions.

The DVD version of the console was due out at the end of this year 2007 but, due to Nintendo's struggle in coping with current demand for the Wii, plans are being delayed and they have decided to deal with that first.

Wii DVD Player Version

I wonder how they're going to pull it off though. Will they be adding DVD hardware including true surround sound outputs to the console or, will they just stick with a software solution? Also, will it be region-free and will they ramp up the price a little further? In any case, I won't be buying it unless I decide to switch to a Japanese console.

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