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FFVII Potion Character Cans on Sale, Middle-Aged Men Unpopular

節日 遊戲商品

FFVII Potion Character Cans on Sale, Middle-Aged Men Unpopular


Not long after Square-Enix's Volume 1 series of FFVII Potion energy drinks went on sale last month, the Volume 2 series were already hitting the stores yesterday. This time it's the silver "FFVII Character Cans" that were shown at the FFVII 10th Annivery Gallery, with a total of 16 character designs to collect. Most convenience stores will have the drinks in stock including Seven Eleven.

A number of game stores in Akiba have also been opening up their boxes of 24 cans to put on display but apparently, none of the boxes contained the whole set. Selling for 191 Yen (US$1.27) or 200 Yen each if you include tax, one of the ads showed that 1 Gil worked out to around 3.80 Yen in terms of exchange rate since potions in the game cost a mere 50 Gil.

FFVII Potion Character Cans

According to Akibablog (NSFW), the staff at the shops said cans featuring the FFVII ladies were very popular while the ones with Oji-sans (middle-aged men) were the exact opposite. I can only think of Barret and Angeal when they say this. Makes sense considering most of the Otaku fanbase are male.

As for the taste? Well, they say it's better than the very first FFXII Potion that was released last year March 2006.

FFXII Potion (Left), FFVII Can (Right)

You can visit Gigazine or Suntory's site itself for close-up shots of each of the character designs. If you're interested, Play-Asia is currently taking orders for the drinks but, obviously you can't choose the design you want.

Now I wonder what will happen with the Volume 3, Trading Art Minis series. Will it be a different colour too? Green perhaps?


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