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Trauma Center New Blood Tuesday, New Trailer and Videos

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Trauma Center New Blood Tuesday, New Trailer and Videos

Today we've got a brand new trailer and eight other videos showing off the tools on the Trauma Center: New Blood site. All available for download at high res.

Could it be Triti?

I hope this isn't another case of Triti! I know GUILT won't be in this sequel but it sure looks pretty similar.

After watching through them, here's a few things I've noticed:

  • It mentions "new destinations". Pretty pointless if you don't get to move around freely. All you did mostly was move from chapter to chapter and here, it was already clear the story will be taking place in new environments.
  • It looks like the Ultrasound tool's been improved. Doesn't look like you don't have to press the A button repeatedly to find objects this time.
  • Operable area seem bigger because you can scroll around.
  • Voice acting sounds good and Elena's voice reminds me of Karen Strassman who done the voice for Aegis in Persona 3.
  • The fun bone operation's back.

According to IGN's preview, the game's supposed to be harder than it's predecessor which is good news considering how many of the operations shown look very familiar. Once again, I hope it doesn't only last 6 hours. It has to be 10 hours at least like Elebits!

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