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More Leaked Footage from the Evangelion 1.0 Rebuild Movie with English Subs

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More Leaked Footage from the Evangelion 1.0 Rebuild Movie with English Subs

It's been pretty quiet with news about the next Rebuild of Evangelion movie lately but I guess it's still early to start building up the hype. Still no news concerning who the new character and scenes are all about. The good news for those who are anticipating the DVD release of the first movie is two English subbed clips have been leaked from the recent Korean Pusan International Film Festival. There's actually the trailer for the next movie too which I've updated my previous post with since the Youtube one's been removed. You'll have to be very patient to view them due to the Korean server's busy traffic.

Pusan International Movie Festival

Gainax has clearly done a great job with this first remake judging from the clips.

The first shows a part from episode 2 when EVA-01 goes berserk against Sachiel, the first Angel Shinji encounters. Some of the new material I noticed (and had already read about) was how EVA-01 now has glow-in-the-dark green armour. A nice change considering how dark the environment was during the fight. You couldn't really have seen the whole mecha with that little lighting so now it's a little more realistic.

EVA-01's arm is also regenerated in a more "fleshy" way compared to the original which was just a quick purple glow.

The second shows a part from episode 6, when Shinji is preparing his second shot at Ramiel in Operation Yashima. His first shot missed. Rei comes in with the shield to protect him when Ramiel attacks but this time, we see a change of angles and the whole shielding scene extended by a good several seconds. The targeting system has been given a redesign and when Shinji finally fires the shot, we also get to see the long line of transformers kicking into action.

I think all these changes give this part of the story a much greater impact than the original.

If the trailers only come up black with white text then the servers are busy. Just try again later. More footage can be seen in Hikaru Utada's "Beautiful World" PV, the theme song for the movie.

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