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19 Hours of Super Paper Mario, From Good Fun to Boring

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19 Hours of Super Paper Mario, From Good Fun to Boring

Finished Paper Mario for the Wii in 19 hours and the fun didn't last very long. I kind of had to drag myself through the game after getting half way through. Besides the dull story and the (mostly) boring script that I mentioned last time, here's the other things I didn't like.


Too easy to beat.

Carrying a few Ice Storms around pretty much let you finish the bosses in no time.

Long travel time.
They really don't need to force you through that elevator animation every time in Flip/Flopside.

Strange requests.
Running in a hamster wheel for several minutes to earn Rupees so that you can pay off your debt and begging by typing "please" several times. I guess these will make the game memorable but not exactly in a very fun satisfying way.

Time to beg for clues!

The oriental world in Chapter 6 was probably the laziest level design of the entire game when you pretty much fought the same mini Sammer bosses and went to the next door repeatedly. I thought I really had to fight 100 of them after going through that Rupee treadmill event. Fortunately you don't have to but it was still very long and boring. It suddenly felt as if the development team was suddenly allocated elsewhere such as the much more anticipated Super Mario Galaxy. It was not fun at all.

Sammer Mini Bosses

On the bright side, Fort Francis in Chapter 3 did give me a few laughs with his "totally technical" character. Robot cat servants, only babes can enter signs, limited editions a must get, forum posters getting jealous, items must not be removed from their sealed packaging - All the stereotypical Otaku humour's there.

The other good points are you can replay any level you want once you've completed the game (minus the bosses) and there's items to collect for that perfect save file. There was also the Arcade where there's a bundle of mini games to play. The Mansion Patrol shooter was probably my favourite out of the three which plays like the Shooting Range in Wii Play.

The arcade mini games.

Still I don't think I'll be keeping this title in my collection because it's not one of the few compelling games that kept me playing until the end and, it doesn't make much use of the Wii controls anyway. I'll probably sell it off once Nintendo releases those instructions about how to replace bugged copies.

Free Mario Galaxy Coin in NA

Hope Mario Galaxy is better next month and we need to have this pre-order gift coin over here too!

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