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Mikuru Joins the SOS Demonstration, New Event Scenes and Music

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Mikuru Joins the SOS Demonstration, New Event Scenes and Music

In the last official website update, we saw the first trailer of the upcoming, "Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku" PSP game. This time Game Watch helps uncover a little more information about the game than what the actual website's latest update reveals.

The theme song CD?

There is going to be two theme songs in the game. One will be "HareHare Yukai", the Anime ending theme that all Haruhi (and indeed Anime) fans will be familiar with while the other will be "Sekai ga Yume Miru Yume no Naka (Dreaming of a World inside a Dream)". Both will be sung by the three female lead voice actresses namely Aya, Yuko and Minori. BGM and SE will be handled by Satoru Kousaki who was responsible for the soundtracks behind the Lucky Star and Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Anime shows.

Day of Sagittarius III

And with the story taking place just before the school Cultural Festival, "The Day of Sagittarius III" just had to be one of the mini games you'll get to play.

Besides mostly following the original storyline, you'll also find the game contains a number of new scenes. It appears the North High School environment will change as the story progresses due to influence of a certain power. Here we see parts of the school changed into a beach or in ruins for some reason.

Weird changes at North High!

It's in rubble!

Also mentioned is Kyon's Sister (she doesn't seem to have a name) from the holiday episode, will make an appearance at the school too with the cat Shamisen, just before the festival.

Kyon's Sister

And if the Motion Portrait demo of Haruhi wasn't enough last time, we get to see the cute little Mikuru Asahina this time. The last box will probably be taken by Yuki Nagato. Well anyway, something for Mikuru fans to play around with until the full featured visual novel is out! Just visit the official site and go to the SOS section.

Mikuru Motion Portrait Demo

So, I wonder if this AVG will spark any more discussion about the story until the second season starts. Probably not since you can't sub PSP games but I'm sure Haruhi fans won't miss out on the Premium Box package.

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