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Pre-orders Up for Final Fantasy VII Potion Series II and III

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Pre-orders Up for Final Fantasy VII Potion Series II and III

Looks like Playasia's taking pre-orders for the two new series of Potion beverages that were shown at the FFVII exhibition last month. Potions that come in Character Cans next month or with Trading Arts Mini figures in November.

FFVII Potions Series 2

FFVII Potion Series 3

A nice alternative way of displaying your favourite character art other than posters, no? Hope anyone ordering gets the character art or figure that they want!

See? Even Zack drinks it. It's that good.

Nice in-game advertising. SE should use this Shinra Potion Campaign for their CM. A fully pre-rendered movie and not the in-game Crisis Core graphics of course but, I guess they could promote the game a bit more too if they're not satisfied with the sales. Sold near half a million copies for its first week already according to Famitsu!

Zack Drinks Potion

Meanwhile, the Crisis Core LE PSP bundle remains open for ordering. I guess there's not enough fans who are willing to pay double the original price to import it. Or if you are willing to pay that much for it but you're in Europe, you can try NCSX. They still have the FFVII 10th Anniversary Potion in stock too.

For me, I just want to see a proper FFVII artbook with lots of original AC style renders. Preferably renders for the FFVII novel. It would be great to see the gang going about trying to sort out their normal lives as depicted in the short stories.

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Wouldn't mind a taste if I had easier access to the beverage!




Wow, those mini figures look sweet! And that...potion? Interesting.