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Nintendo Confirms European Paper Mario Bug, Time to Send for a Replacement?

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Nintendo Confirms European Paper Mario Bug, Time to Send for a Replacement?

The European Nintendo site just posted a notice up today, regarding the bug that's been found in some PAL copies of Super Paper Mario. It appears they don't plan to recall the game like they did with Mario Party 8 but, they're going to be offering replacement copies some later time. No details about the procedures yet.

Paper Mario Replacement

After reading that notice I decided to take some time off Persona 3 to play up until the problematic chapter 2-2. It turns out my copy was one of the affected discs.

It's pretty much as reported in the previous post. If you speak to Mimi here and follow her instructions to search all the rooms until there's only one room left, speaking to her again about the last room will freeze the Wii and make an annoying continuous buzzing sound.

It's Mimi!

The traps were so damn obvious that they were funny when you went along with them! I mean come on... A mushroom on a line?

Mushroom on a Line Trap

I will probably send the game away once the details are up. Might as well while I'm busy with coursework and finishing off Persona 3 and Crisis Core. Then I can come back to this game.

I wonder if the bug is another memory overflow problem like the currently unpatched Flash exploit. Maybe they misallocated the dialogue text data while adding in the European languages so that it accidentally overwrote into the Wii's system memory. If that's the case then, this would open up another opportunity for hackers to learn about the Wii. I remain pretty hopeful for a chip-free solution for the Wii so that I can play JP imports. Either that or I will just sell the current one and go for a Japanese Wii... Once there are enough JP games I want to play.

Anyway, while I was working through Chapter 2, I came across this giant DS Lite. I wonder what it's supposed to be for. It's not the oven that's for sure. "Awaiting data upgrade..."?

Giant DS Lite in Paper Mario

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I was thinking the same thing at first but, it's probably just there as a joke. A giant "home entertainment" system for the residents of Flipside...




Maybe the giant DS is for some kind of DS-Wii compatibility? :o For what though, I can't imagine.