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New SE Members Only FFVII Crisis Core Website, Screensaver Update and People Queuing on Launch Day

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New SE Members Only FFVII Crisis Core Website, Screensaver Update and People Queuing on Launch Day

So, today was the big day that Crisis Core officially hit the shops. Even though the game was "leaked" a few days ago, you can't leak the limited edition package after all. The FFVII 10th Annivery Potion was on sale too and don't forget the cans that follow soon.

Big Queue

According to Famitsu, 250 people were lined up outside by 9:15am at the Bic Camera store in Tokyo, Ikebukuro. Meanwhile, the Yodobashi Camera store in Shinjuku West also had a similar figure of just over 200 people by that time. However, even after an hour of selling the game, the queue remained strong with over 300 people by 10am. Most people were around their 20s.

Inside Store

The numbers aren't that bad, beaten only by Pokemon DP's launch day but that had an event going and lots of young children fans.

If you check the official website, you'll find it's pretty much up-to-date with all the game details now. There's a new video for Zack as a 1st Rank Soldier, Cissnei and Tseng along with two new clips showing off the DMW system. Again, you can find translations on fansite Adventchildren.net.

You'll also find a new ticking clock screensaver in the Downloads section. After downloading it, run the file and click on the left button to install. Once it's done, it will ask if you wish to display the screensaver's property window so click the left button since I'm sure you want to see it in action right away. It's filled with a number of screens from taken from the pre-rendered cutscenes - AC style of course.

FFVII Crisis Core Screensaver

A new SE Members only Crisis Core site is also now open. For now, you can only watch trailers of the game in the "Shinra TV" section but in the future, there should be desktop goodies and a "Zack's Fitness Test" game available too.

FFVII CC Special Site

Also for those who register the SE Members code that comes with the game between September 13th ~ October 11th 2007, will have a chance to take part in a prize draw to win a poster and an original PSP pouch set. There are only 5 sets to give away so good luck to anyone registering! Maybe I should order the game now and then see if my penpal can help send it over for me if I manage to win...

FFVII CC Prize Draw

I've only managed to spend about half an hour on the game and so far, it's a fast paced ARPG with impressive looking graphics. The pre-rendered cutscenes are sharp high quality and are better than MHP2. I'll probably post more about the game later.

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