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Found a Rip of Trauma Center Soundtrack, Where's the Official One?

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Found a Rip of Trauma Center Soundtrack, Where's the Official One?


If you liked Shoji Meguro's music from Trauma Center then I'm sure you'll be glad to know that you can listen to a ripped version of the tracks if you don't know already, thanks to Mogman. These aren't ripped from the Wii-make. They're from the original DS version of the game but they're the same really and the quality's pretty good too.

As already noted in the archive, the track names are unofficial because there is no official soundtrack out at the moment. Grab them from Sendspace.

Trauma Center OST

I think all the compositions are great but, my favourites would have to be...

For a Better Tomorrow
For the Future (Ending Theme)
The Cutting Edge of Medicine
Under the Knife

Only the two of the tracks "Title Theme (タイトル曲)" and "Dangerous Operation (危険手術, Kiken Shujutsu)" weren't ripped because you can download them freely from the official Japanese DS site at the bottom of the page. The ripped track named "Code Blue" is really just "Dangerous Operation" but well, now you have two versions.

Speaking of downloads, those of you looking for more official Trauma Centre wallpapers can find three more with Angie in them on the Japanese DS site too. Don't forget the other three from the Second Opinion site too now if you don' t have them already!

Note that the character designer for the original game was Maguro Ikehata (池端 まぐろ) while the Wiimake designs were done by Masayuki Doi (土居 政之). I'm sure you'll recognise Masayuki's designs if you've played any of the Persona RPGs. I actually prefer his designs a little more than Maguro's because they look cleaner.



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Ive been looking all over for the soundtrack... wow, why didn't they ever make an official one? D: oh well, thank you for the link!




Thanks for the music :P