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FFVII: Crisis Core Updates Continue to Roll, Yahoo Japan Reveals Intro

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FFVII: Crisis Core Updates Continue to Roll, Yahoo Japan Reveals Intro

After revealing the 7 minute SE Party trailer not too long ago, Yahoo Japan's released the intro to the much anticipated Crisis Core game that comes out next week. Again, you'll need a Japanese IP to view it but you can also download the full file from Zshare.

It has some fairly nostalgic scenes. The opening music, the camera swirling around Midgar, the train and of course how Zack finishes off the mission. It's funny how Zack take things so light-heartedly yet, they make him so look so cool here. So cool, it makes it look cheezy but I'm in for the Advent Children presentation and story. Game should be interesting too. Famitsu has come with a score of 35/40 (9,9,8,9).

I've decided to try and pre-order the game for the earphones despite what I said last time (I know. I change my mind too easily!). It'll be interesting when I look back at the game and remember, "Oh yeah, this game out on FFVII's 10th anniversary." It's also one more reason for not just sticking to a "backup" copy of the game.

Unfortunately Play-Asia won't ship PSP games to Europe any more after Sony forced the great Lik-sang import store to close down. YesAsia doesn't do pre-order goodies and NCSX has informed me that SE is allocating the earphones directly to retailers themselves. NCSX isn't one of them and I don't think PA will be one of them either. PA might have managed to get a hold of them some other way, though...

I guess I have no choice but to try and ask my Japanese penpal to pre-order for me. Might not get the order in on time but it's worth a try. If he doesn't manage it then, I'll pick up the game later because I'll be reserving the money for any other pre-order or LE goodies that might come up.

Anyway, the following is a translation script for the trailer. Basically I took the translation from the Adventchildren.net forums and tidied it up...

And if you're interested, Famitsu has a few minutes of streaming video showing off the exhibition that took place last weekend.

FFVII Crisis Core Opening

A speeding train smashes through a barrier. A Shinra helicopter flies in and hovers over the train.

Mission Control:

The train is headed toward Midgar Sector 8.

Soldiers have been dispatched and are directed to capture it while still on the plate.

Plans remain unchanged. Set your watches.

3, 2, 1, Mark! Mission start!

Zack gets ready to leap out of the helicopter.

The train is occupied by Wutai forces. Eliminate them quickly and recapture the train.

For a moment Zack looks serious but then he answers in a playful tone.


He dives out.

Take it seriously!

As Zack gets ready to move off, Angeal drops behind him.


Angeal walks up.

Zack, concentrate.

Zack puts on his serious face again.

These are not Shinra troops on this train. Understand?

Zack gets psyched up and rushes off. Suddenly bullets shoot through the roof where he is standing. He dodges them.

A real handful huh…

He gets up and runs on into the Wutai forces as shots continue through the roofs of the carriages.


He makes short work of the enemies and makes it to the front carriages. Leaping into the air, he breaks the coupling between the carriages.

Here comes Second Class Soldier, Zack!

End of Crisis Core Intro

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