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Secret of Evangelion to get PC Version too with Extras!

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Secret of Evangelion to get PC Version too with Extras!


Just when I was thinking of ordering the limited edition of the PSP version, I find out there's going to be a PC version featuring the same extra content but with different bonus gifts. Obviously the event scenes will be at a higher resolution which will be perfect for those still working on more Evangelion wallpapers.

Due for release this week on the same day as the PSP version on June 28th, the PC version will come with a mouse mat and 5 original postcards. Currently the official site doesn't show you what these items look like, though.


However, those buying the PSP version will have the opportunity to get a free telephone card at selected stores in Japan with original Eva illustrations of course. Telephone cards are actually popular collectables over there but talk about marketing for your shop! Each shop with a different card...

Telephone Cards

Hmmm... Choices, choices. Will probably stick with the PSP version because you don't have to install.


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