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Death Note, Episode 2 and Maybe a Hundred More?


Death Note, Episode 2 and Maybe a Hundred More?

Finally, a bit of time to watch the second episode of Death Note. So now the battle between L and Light begins.

Screencap 1

I like how they're using the class lessons to describe
what's going on with Light so far.

Screencap 2

A God of Death in school.

Screencap 3

What a time to tell Light about how anyone
who touches the notebook can see Luke.

Screencap 4

The ICPO debating whether the killings of criminals is a mass murder or not.

Screencap 5

L's assistant "Watari" appears.

Screencap 6

I liked the way they explained about the trap Light setup.

Screencap 7

Everyone's talking about "Kira the Saviour".

Screencap 8

Now what's she doing typing, "Kira, kill everyone please!"

Screencap 9

Nice work here. The monitors reflected in Light's eyes
makes him look like he's gone mad.

Screencap 10

A little message from L.

Screencap 11

Light falls for the trap.

Screencap 12

L challenges Light to kill him.

Screencap 13

And the duel begins!

Screencap 14

So until the next episode, "The Deal"

The series is going at one chapter per episode so far which means we might end up with a 108 episode show or, maybe it'll be split into two 50 something episode seasons, one for the L arc and another for the second half. Either case, I look forward to watching the next ep.

Oh yeah, and the OP/ED comes out on Wednesday this week. Excellent!

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You should watch the movie because it




death note very nice...i like it...iusually like 2 watch anime that
were detective,adventure,comedy,haroo.....where did i can
d.n(anime)in pulau pinang (malaysia)......but in case i already watch d.n v1-7 in internet only........i trully wan t 2 know what will happend the end of death note......LIGHT IS COOL & L IS CUTE.....
SO sad i haven watch movie yet T-T...