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Take Quizes and Raise Idols

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Take Quizes and Raise Idols

Kirameki Star Road will be a modified version of an arcade game of the same name, made by Taito back in 1997. In this game, players will be using the touchscreen to answer questions to help a girl become an idol. The difference between this and other quiz games is that there is no penalties for getting questions wrong. You will get to the ending no matter what happens.


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Questions will be split into 16 different subjects which is further divided into four categories; entertainment, sport, academic and Otaku. Questions either come with a multiple choice of 2 answers, 3 answers or use the 'X' 'O' style. You will have 20 seconds to answer each question and the faster you answer them, the more of the Quick Answer Gauge you'll fill up. The height of the gauge will determine what grade and ending you get. Besides questions, there will also be mini games during quizes which involve activities such as taking pictures of your idol.


The game features 3 different female idols in the main Story Mode and gamers will have a choice of three difficulty levels. Wi-Fi will feature a Cooperation Story Mode and VS Mode. Cooperation Mode allows anyone who can't get a good ending to stand a better chance of obtaining one as any player involved can help fill up the same Quick Answer Gauge.

This is game is set for release on August 10th.

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