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Rock, Paper, Scissors… Dinosaurs?!

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Rock, Paper, Scissors… Dinosaurs?!

Dino King Battle: Taiko kara no Hyouryuusha is a game based on a card game of the same name. In the game players will take turns at Jankenpon (rock, paper and scissors) and by winning, the player will be able to attack the opposition with their dinosaur.

Dinosaurs will have special attacks that are element based and when players decide to use such an attack, they will have to time their button presses so that they can stop the gauge at the highest point possible. There are a total of over 100 cards in-game.

The Story Mode will follow that of the card game where players will be able to meet a variety of vibrant characters and different dinosaurs. Cards obtained in the mode will be useable in Battle Mode and VS Mode.

Game is planned for an August release.

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