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Crushing Defeat for Japan.


Crushing Defeat for Japan.


Well, I thought Japan played well for the first half with Tamada scoring the opening goal and, some excellent saves from Kawaguchi as usual. But with the all the chances Brazil was getting to shoot, it was bound to tire the GK for the second half.

Ronaldo just manages to score an equalizer during injury time for the first half, heading it into the top corner of the goal. Then Brazil finishes the game off at 4-1.

They were pretty much playing around with the JP players during the second half after they secured the match, passing the ball here and there, not attacking. I suppose it could have been worse if Brazil decided to score a few more to widen the score, though... Tamada the goal scorer was working hard, running everywhere trying to get the ball from Brazil. Then came a chance for Japan to make the score 4-2 but, despite having all the open space and being at close range, Nakata kicks it right into the gloves of the GK.

A crushing defeat for Japan but, it was interesting to see how they would play against the almighty Brazil.

Now lets see how Korea will do against Switzerland and see if they can make it into the next round of the World Cup. The scores are really close in Group G just now...

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