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NDS Screen Protectors and Bag


NDS Screen Protectors and Bag


Yay, my Hori NDS screen protectors and bag arrived today from Lik-sang.com, a week after dispatch.

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Applying the silicon protectors onto the screens was a cinch thanks to the way the protectors were stuck onto a tabbed sheet. A yellow cloth was also included in the little pack for cleaning the screens before applying the protectors.

Once I started putting part of the protectors on, I could see it taping onto the screens immediately. Pulling it back off when any air bubbles got in was easy as long as the whole protector hadn't been taped on yet.

The top screen protector was the easiest to apply and covers the entire display area together with the black border around it.

The touch screen protector on the other hand, was a little trickier because of the NDS' protruding chasis around it. If you try and use the chasis as support when applying it, the protector actually slips inside the edges so you'll just have to rely on steady hands. Other than that, the protector is a millimetre or so too short in width but, this was probably intended to allow easier removal in the future.

I read reviews on Amazon.co.jp that the screen protectors would lower the touch screen's sensitivity slightly but so far, I haven't noticed any difference in the games I'm playing. Well, in games such as Kaitou Rousseau where accuracy is fairly important, you might notice a slight difference.

The protectors are unnoticeable after being applied properly.

As for the Hori Compact Case, it fits my original NDS nicely even with a GBA cartridge inserted. Inside, there's a netted pocket split into two halves, each half allowing one GBA cartridge or 2 DS cards. Behind the netted pocket is another pocket that isn't split allowing you more storage room.

Overall, it's a nice compact bag as the name says although it could use some more cushioning on the outside.

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