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Look! It’s an Ancient NDS!

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Look! It’s an Ancient NDS!

Well, these are dual screen! Anyone still remember the retro Game & Watch handhelds from Nintendo? I didn't have one of the multi-screen ones like Donkey Kong (pictured below) but, I did have a Popeye single screen one. Not sure where it is now. Probably been donated to charity long ago. Great handheld game before the original Gameboy got released!


Anyway, from the 23rd June, Nintendo will be adding 9 new items to its selection of gifts that's part of its Club Nintendo point exchange programme. One of these is the Game & Watch Collection for the NDS in which you'll be able to enjoy the old multi-screen handhelds Donkey Kong, Oil Panick and Green House again. The game software is not for sale and requires 500 points to exchange.

Other gifts are:

  • Club Nintendo floral playing cards.
  • Original game rack.
  • A pack of 7 different coloured styluses along with 3 card cases.
  • An original DS Lite pouch.
  • Animal Crossing playing cards.
  • A5 sized notebooks featuring NES pictures of Mario and Link.
  • Original hankerchief.
  • Original mini tape.

For those who don't know how Club Nintendo works, you register at the Club Nintendo website and enter the serial numbers of any Nintendo related product at their site. The value of the product will then determine how many points you'll get. The average NDS game will give you 20 points.

Too bad only residents can join the club in Japan or they'll make some nice collector items. Europe has their own Nintendo Club too but they just don't have the same interesting gifts.


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