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Gyakuten Win for Korea?


Gyakuten Win for Korea?


Yay ?? for beating Togo 2-1, and winning their first match.

I think the first half surprised everybody with the debut West African team scoring the opening goal and the Koreans playing so well in the last World Cup. In the first half I thought the Koreans gave their opponents too much room at the back and looked as if they were lacking some teamwork. Not the sort of thing I remember from last time although their supporters were as passionate as ever.

Then came the second half with Lee Chun-Soo scoring with a great free kick and that's when they started playing better. The "Red Devils" (isn't ??? the nickname they give to Manchester United in HK?) picked up on their cheering too.

Finally, Ahn Jung-Hwan finishes it off with a second goal for their team before playing some possession football to end the game.

Hope Korea plays like the second half of their game in their next match against France on Sunday!

Check BBC Sport for the full rundown of the match.


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