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Metal Saga: Hagane no Kisetsu Guide

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Metal Saga: Hagane no Kisetsu Guide

The world's environment was being polluted and destroyed. As part of the endangered species, humans decided to create a master computer named "Noah" to help resolve this problem. As a result of Noah's computations, it decided the best way to save the environment was to eliminate humans. Using the world of networked computers to its advantage, it launched missiles at the unknowing humans and a war began. Noah continued creating new weapons, merging machinery with various living things to create monsters. Before long, humans were at the edge of destruction.

Not all was lost however, as humans made use of their war machines created with Over Technology. Working together to destroy monsters and earning cash from doing so, these people earned the name "Hunters". As the number of Hunters grew, soon a Hunter Force was formed around the world. Later, rumour had it that one Hunter had defeated Noah.

Thought to be completely destroyed, Noah's core still remains. The "Noah Seed", made of an indestructible metal, was all that was needed to recreate Noah's AI program...

As a nameless Hunter, you travel the world to hone your skills so that you have the skills to destroy the Noah Seed. As part of your training, it's your job to travel around in your mechanical war machines, protecting people and places from monsters, gaining cash rewards in the process.

This latest installment of the Metal Saga series features the following not unlike its PS2 games:

  • Full control via touch screen.
  • Earn your living as a Hunter in the world of Metal Saga.
  • Earn bounties killing monsters.
  • Customize and maintain your war machine including the chasis, weapons,
    engine and controller unit.
Developer: Success
Release Date: 15th June 2006
Price: 4800 Yen

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Version 0.20
June 2006

Introduction Version History Menus Battles & Travel Living as a Hunter War Machines Characters Walkthrough Credits & Contact Info

2.0 Version History


3.0 Menus

Starting the game will give you two options:

Start Adventure
Delete File

By selecting 'Start Adventure', you either select an empty file to begin a new game or, resume one that you've already saved. If you performed a quick save during the game, you will be asked if you want to load that first (Yes/No).

During the game, tapping the orange Menu button will give you the following options:

The first four choices lead you to the same general menu where you'll see tabs marked with icons.


This is where you'll find all sorts of items that you get from monsters or shops including grenades, pencil missiles and recovery capsules.

At the bottom right, there will be two to allow you to manage your inventory:

Sort Automatically (Yes/No)
Sort Manually

Tapping any item once will give you more info on the top screen. Tap them twice and you'll have the option of:


Choosing to Dispose will give you a confirmation box (Yes/No).

The other two tabs next to the bag will work similarly except for the weapons tab, you'll have the option to 'equip' instead of 'use'.


Tapping this option will show you what your main character is geared up with. You'll see along the top of each character profile there's 3 blue buttons. Right now, the middle equipment button is selected. Below the buttons, you'll see:

Weapon 1: ??? Attack: xxx
Weapon 2: ???
Weapon 3: ???
Head: ??? Defence: xxx
Body: ???
Arms: ???
Legs: ???

Tapping the slots once will give you more detail on the top screen.

For a weapon you'll see:

{Weapon Name}
Attack Power: xxx
Attack Area: xxx
Element: xxx
{Icons of Characters who Can Equip Weapon}

Armour wise, you'll see:

{Armour Name}
{Part of Body}
Defence Power: xxx
Attack Power: xxx
Appearance: xxx
{Icons of Characters who Can Equip Weapon}

Double tap any of the slots to change gear. There will always be one option at the top to allow you to remove a piece of gear. This is to allow you to sell it or throw it away. To the right you'll see what effect changing or removing gear will have on your character stats.


This is where you'll see the third blue button being selected in your character's profile.

Along the top, you'll see three sub-icons; a gun, a tank and a spanner. The numbers next to each represent your how well your current character handles weapons, vehicles and how well he/she can repair them.

Below the icons, you'll find their abilities. Most will have numbers next to them which is the number of times you can use them. To replenish, go rest somewhere.

Your main character's first ability will allow him to find out what random monsters will appear in the area.


The first blue button in your character's profile is selected. Below you'll

Character's Title Attack Power 1: xxx
Hunter Rank: xx Attack Power 2: xxx
HP: xxxx/xxxx Attack Power 3: xxx
Battle LVL: xx Appearance: xx
Driving LVL: xx Hair: xx Defence: xxx
Repair LVL: xx Scars: xx Skill: xxx
EXP: xxxxxx Stamina: xxx
NEXT: xxxxx Int: xxx
Speed: xxx


This is where you'll find stats about the monsters you've defeated. Along the top you'll see...

Bounty Earned: Monsters Killed: xxxxx
xxxxxxx G O O O O O O

Under this you'll find out the status of the current wanted monsters that you know about and what bounty is on them. An exclamation mark towards the end means it's been killed. Otherwise, it will still be "on the run".


This option allows you to board your vehicle or get off it when you're nearby.


This is were you can do a quick save and return to the title screen. Next time you load a game, you'll be asked if you want to load the quick save (Yes/No). If you choose no, you'll be asked if you want to delete the quick save data (Yes/No) so be careful!

The second option is to choose the speed of messages (Slow/Fast). By default, it's set to slow.

4.0 Battles & Travel

Travelling between towns generally means driving around in your war machine or walking. Whenever you reach the map screen, tap a location and you'll get the options (Go/Don't Go). Once you reach a place, it'll ask (Enter/Don't Enter).

However, some towns will have a teleporter in the sewers. The drawback is that your destination must be a town you've visited and most of the time you'll end up in a strange laboratory place due to some malfunction. When that happens, be sure to use the nearby computer and turn the power on. Once all the switches are turned on through the computers, the walls will go down and you'll be able to access any teleporter.

Battles are turn based as with all RPGs and are mostly encountered randomly while walking around. What's different here is that some of your party members will be AI controlled and you won't be able to make them do what you want.

There are two ways you can fight, with or without your vehicle. When fighting with a vehicle, you obviously gain access to greater damage using its weapons. At the same time, you will also be able to shelter one of your party members inside so that they don't receive any damage from the monsters.

Either way, you will have the following main menu:

Board/Get Off

Most of the options are self-explanatory and is covered in the Menus section. The "Board/Get Off" option will change depending on if your character is currently aboard a vehicle or not.

All battles start with your character inside the vehicle while your other party members will get off to fight now and then. You may choose to get off the vehicle so that one of your AI controlled members will stay inside.

At the top right corner you'll find a button that allows you to change the weapon your character or the vehicle is currently using.

Should any of your members die during a battle, you will end up dragging their corpses around. Resting or using recovery items won't revive them. You'll have to find Dr. Minch to give them a little electric shock back in Storm Stone.

5.0 Living as a Hunter

In the world of Metal Saga, you will be earning money by ridding areas of monsters so that the small number of human survivors can live in peace. To do so, you will work closely with the Hunter Force which have offices in every town. There you'll find wanted posters with pictures of monsters that are currently of greatest threat to people, usually offering a large bounty.

To find out more, speak to the man with the white moustache and a blue cap.

Selecting the first option will let you know more about the monsters in the wanted posters such as their location and their characteristics. After he finishes telling you all about the monster, its status will be added to your Battle History. He'll then ask if you want to know about another monster (Yes/No).

Besides the tougher monsters in the posters, the Hunter Force will also want the more common weaker monsters rooted out. By choosing 'weekly target' you'll find out how many of a certain monster you have to kill. If you haven't accepted the quest already, you will have the option to do (Accept/Refuse).

You will have the option (Yes/No?) to receive your reward once you have successfully beaten either the monsters in the posters or, killed off the weekly target.

To locate where a wanted monster is once you've learned about it, use the very first item in your inventory, the B-Controller. This will allow you to track:

Wanted Monsters

At the Hunter Force office, there will always be a lady sitting at a computer terminal. This is the Memory Center and speaking to her will allow you to save your game to a file (Yes/No). Afterwards she'll ask if you want to continue playing (Yes/No).

To fight all these monsters and live through your adventures, you'll need items and gear. Every town will have it's own merchants but in general, a man in blue will sell gear and a man in red will sell items. Speaking with either will give you the options to (Buy/Sell/Cancel).

As for the red apron seller, a weapon or piece of armour's effect on your character will be displayed on the top screen. Weapons show an increase or decrease in attack power while armour shows the change in the four stats; Defence, Attack, Speed and Appearance.

Whenever you purchase a new piece of gear, you'll have the option to equip it right away. The top few are your character names and the last two options are (Bag/Quit). Choosing a character will let you select which slot to equip the gear in.

Scattered throughout buildings are also vending machines where you can purchase the same items from. Prices are similar but just like some vending machines in Japan, you have a chance to win a price. If the two moving spots land in the centre, you'll get a random extra item for free.

At the end of this section, you'll find a list of the items sold in each town.

Unlike most RPGs, your characters' health won't be refilled whenever you level up. Even if your health is already full, your new increase in HP won't be filled. You'll have to either use recovery items or stay at the local inn to recover. While some inns only offer you a space on the floor, the more luxurious places will give you option of choosing the class of room. Obviously a better room will cost more but they generally do the same thing. You'll notice that you'll hear the sound of mosquitoes now and then when you're sleeping on the floor!

Item listing for stores:


Recovery Capsule
Alkali Cream
Rocket Fireworks
Repair Kit
Durability Spray 100
Alkali Wax
10 G
20 G
5 G
100 G
100 G
50 G
Recover approx. 100 HP
Neutralizes acids (for humans).
Attack monsters with this explosive.
Repair broken vehicle part.
Recovers 100 points of a part's durability.
Neutralizes acids (for vehicle).


Recovery Capsule
Alkali Cream
Rocket Fireworks
Pencil Missile
Smoke Bomb
Repair Kit
Durability Spray 100
Alkali Wax
10 G
20 G
5 G
20 G
50 G
30 G
100 G
100 G
50 G
Recover approx. 100 HP
Neutralizes acids (for humans).
Attack monsters with this explosive.
Attack monsters with mobile rocket.
Lower monster's accuracy.
Cure paralysis.
Repair broken vehicle part.
Recovers 100 points of a part's durability.
Neutralizes acids (for vehicle).


Recovery Capsule
Recovery Drink
Alkali Cream
Pencil Missile
Smoke Bomb
Repair Kit
Durability Spray 100
Alkali Wax
10 G
20 G
20 G
20 G
50 G
50 G
50 G
30 G
100 G
100 G
50 G
Recover approx. 100 HP
Twice more effective than a capsule.
Neutralizes acids (for humans).
Attack monsters with mobile rocket.
Commonly used in war.
Burns an enemy for several turns (for humans).
Lower monster's accuracy.
Cure paralysis.
Repair broken vehicle part.
Recover 100 points of a part's durability.
Neutralizes acids (for vehicle).


Recovery Capsule
Recovery Drink
Alkali Cream
Pencil Missile
Smoke Bomb
Repair Kit
Durability Spray 100
Alkali Wax
10 G
20 G
20 G
20 G
50 G
50 G
50 G
30 G
100 G
100 G
50 G
Recover approx. 100 HP
Twice more effective than a capsule.
Neutralizes acids (for humans).
Attack monsters with mobile rocket.
Commonly used in war.
Burns an enemy for several turns (for humans).
Lower monster's accuracy.
Cure paralysis.
Repair broken vehicle part.
Recover 100 points of a part's durability.
Neutralizes acids (for vehicle).

6.0 War Machines

While some of the more common monsters in the wild can be defeated by yourself alone, the bigger threats featured in the wanted posters require war machines to beat. These machines are vehicles that you can ride and fight in, protecting your characters from the monsters attacks. They are also fully customizable and require maintenance to keep them working.

There are 4 parts of the vehicle you can customize:

This decides how many slots you have for weapons.

These are sub-divided into three different weapons; machine gun, canon and S-E. While machine guns have infinite ammo, canons and S-Es do not so you will always have to replenish them at the local garage.

he horse power of your vehicle. How much weight your vehicle can carry will depend on this the engine.

AKA, the Control Unit. This determines the stats of your vehicle such as accuracy and dodge rate.

Parts can be bought and sold at a garage. The effects different parts will have on your vehicle will appear on the top screen when you go to the vehicle tab in the main menu.

Selecting a vehicle weapon while shopping will give you the following stats
in the top screen:

{Weapon Name} Condition: ???
{Type} Damage LVL: x
Attack Power: xxx Durability: xxx/xxx
Magazine: xx/xx Defence: xxx
Attack Area: ??? Weight: xxxt
Element: ???

Selecting an engine will give you similar stats except in the left column it'll list the maximum weight it supports. A C-unit will have stat boosts in percentages in the left column.

During battles, each of the parts mentioned above will lose durability as they get abused by monsters. To avoid getting a part completely destroyed, you will always have to go for maintenance at the garage or buy some durability spray at the shops. If a part gets destroyed, it will become unusable and again, you will have to either go to the garage to get it repaired or, buy a repair kit and fix it yourself. Although machine guns have infinite ammo, canons and S-Es do not so you'll have to go to the garage whenever you can to refill.

When your vehicle's chasis, engine or C-unit gets destroyed during your travels on a map, it will no longer be able to move. This can also happen when your vehicle gets overencumbered with parts that you find and collect.

In the case of carrying too much, all you have to do is navigate to the vehicle tab and throw away a part or two to get moving again.

However, it's not so simple when your vehicle or one of the critical parts gets destroyed. You will have to get off and walk to the nearest town to find a rental service.

To rent a vehicle, talk to a girl wearing white and who has a pony tail to get the following menu:

Rent Tank
Return Tank
Look at Tanks
Rental Regulations
Notes on Use

Renting is free on the conditions that you can not change its parts and, any cash you earn from fighting monsters will be given to the rental company.

Once you have a rented vehicle, you can travel back to where your own ride got destroyed to tow it back to town for repairs. Take it to the garage to get it repaired first then return the rented vehicle.

7.0 Characters

Main Character
Son of the legendary Hunter, Lebanner. Not knowing what his father looks like, he was brought up by his father's partner mechanic, Cliff. He later goes on a journey to be trained into a Hunter by someone named Zeisii.

A wandering Hunter who got his hands on the Noah Seed. Ever since he got his hand on Noah's core, he has suffered many hardships including the death of all his comrades. Trying to find a way to destroy the core, he reaches the town of Storm Stone where he hopes to find the legendary Hunter Lebanner. It was there that he caught sight of the beautiful Karen and began on a journey to train Lebanner's son. As a party member, he likes to fight on his own.

Living in the farm that his partner Lebanner made, he raised Lebanner's children. He also wanted to carry on his will to grow non-contaminated food for a living. Even though he's retired from the battlegrounds now, he was once called the mechanic with a god's hands.

The main character's sister who takes care of the household work for Cliff. She is cheerful and will stand firm when she has to protect her family. A great cook.

Rumours have it that he was the legendary Hunter who defeated Noah. When his children was born, he decided to retire from battle. Making his own farm in the hope to produce non-contaminated food, he himself died from contamination before he could finish his dream.

An orphan who lives in Storm Stone and has a pet chicken. She's the one who takes Zeisii to Lebanner's farm.

Dr. Minch
A professor who does research in reviving the dead. He is always travelling from place to place finding new corpes to work with.

Dr. Minch's assistant. It appears he's the result of the professor's research.

Even though she has talent, she is cursed with clumsiness. Being tired of her work, she runs away from home. Meg ends up running away too far and gets lost.

Known as the Phantom Flame Ingrid, she is the legendary soldier who fought together with Lebanner and Cliff to defeat Noah. Does she know a way to destroy the Noah Seed?

A bionic dog living in the wild who's intellect has been increased. He decides to join the main character and fight with its own moves and methods.

Madame Zaza
An influential lady of Flooded Town who runs the Zaza Store. All sorts of information reaches her ears.

A fighting chef who can create a large variety of dishes. Joining the main character, he specializes in fire and blades. His cooking helps heal the party as well as have other effects. He's not very good at fighting in a vehicle.

One of the street children who lives in the slums. Surge is a bright kid and is the grandson of a legendary hacker. No one surpasses him when using a computer. In battle, he makes good use of the battle computer his grandfather left him as a memento. He is strong against cybernetic enemies.

A soldier who likes to dive into battle. She just about carries every weapon there is and is very dependable when not inside a vehicle during battles. There are rumours she works as a part time dancer.

Pepperman & B-Nurse
Travelling around the world together, they try to collect rare items. B-Nurse is Peperman's assistant.

A high-tech girl of the seas. Tsunade makes a living collecting ancient artifacts from the ocean floor. Going about her work in the Flooded Town, she gets herself into trouble with a monster.

The Diabola Clan
A clan of thieves who are after Zeisii to obtain Noah's Seed. The trio is composed of the female leader Diabola, the big Dawood and the wolf Descha. Born from genetic engineering, this Mute Family once lived in pride amongst humans in the dark but now, they live with resent.

8.0 Walkthrough

Starting a new game, you will reach the Name Entry screen. Just below the Name label you'll see blue boxes that allow you to select different sets of characters. These are Hiragana, Katakana, English and Kanji. Once you've finished entering your name, tap End to begin the game.

For the purpose of this guide, we'll refer to the anonymous character as Ryuujin, Japanese for hunter.

Most of the game will feature multi-branching dialogue but, I don't think it affects the final outcome. However, I recommend following the decisions I make in this guide.

Storm Stone

  • At the local inn, a green cloaked man gets thrown out for not paying for his drinks. It seems he's looking for someone named Lebanner. The inn keeper claims he's dead and the man is left outside in disbelief. He couldn't believe that Lebanner, the greatest Hunter who defeated Noah, had died. What did he come all the way here for?
  • Just as he was about to give up hope, a little girl named Kiki runs by. She seems to know where Lebanner's home is and leads the Hunter Zeisii there.

A House

  • Meanwhile, a young girl named Karen somewhere else just finished making breakfast. She was calling out to the sleeping Ryuujin and someone named Cliff.
  • Using your stylus, move your character to Karen and tap her.

    Continue without Saving

  • After a joke about sleeping too much and becoming a monster. Karen asks you to wash your hands. Go over to the sink, wash your hands (Yes/No) then sit down at the table.
  • Karen wonders what Cliff could be doing then goes back in to readybreakfast. Lost in thought, she doesn't notice the stranger Zeisii enteruntil he says something. Surprised, Karen grabs a shotgun and points it right at Zeisii. Not at all moved by Karen's threat, Zeisii grabs the shotgun from her.
  • As Kiki ran in to her sister, Cliff held out another shotgun behind Zeisii. Hearing his name, we learn that Cliff was the legendary mechanic who defeated Noah together with Lebanner. Zeisii introduces himself as a "well-known" Hunter and shows Cliff a sphere. In disbelief, Cliff recognises it as Noah's Seed...

In the early 21st century, mankind created a supercomputer known as Noah in an attempt to rescue their planet from destruction and pollution. However, the computer suddenly attacked them leading to what is now known as the legendary Great Destruction. In a matter of 10 years, the civilisation of mankind was forced to the brink of extinction as they were attacked by large numbers of monsters and unmanned machines.

  • Sitting together at the table, Cliff explains how he and Lebanner had come across Noah by chance when they were still young. Together, they fought it and destroyed it but as Noah predicted that it would be defeated by humans one day, it made a backup of itself in the form of the Noah Seed. Cliff didn't believe it ever existed and taking it from Zeisii, he goes out to his garage to test it.
  • Serving Zeisii some pea soup, Karen leaves the room as the Hunter digs in. If you speak to him, you'll learn that you and Karen are the famous Lebanner's children. He also asks if the beautiful Karen has a boyfriend.

    Stick out your tongue.
    Say she doesn't.

    Speak to Kiki at the doorway and she'll ask you for the present Ryuujin promised her.

    What promise?
    Here you go.

    Pick the first choice and you'll learn it's an engagement ring. Go into the bedroom and take the BS Controller along with another item out of the stand between the two beds. Return to Kiki and give the item to her.

    Happy to receive the ring, Kiki tries it on but find it's too big.

    Stop complaining. *
    Give it back to me then.

    Hearing the little conversation, Zeisii comes over and makes a ring out of some thread for Kiki. He announces the engagement in place and walks off laughing.

    Check the fridge if you haven't already done so to get a Macho Potato.


  • Leave the house, exit SW to find Karen and Zeisii next to a bridge. Karen had thought Cliff had completely forgotten about fighting but, a new glimmer came into his eyes when he saw the Noah Seed. Well, a mechanic's a mechanic after all. Cliff had decided to retire due to a heavy illness and although he tries to hide it from the children, Karen tells Zeisii that she hears him coughing heavily at night, sometimes spitting out blood.
  • Speak to Zeisii and he'll go off to pay his respects to Ryuujin's father, Lebanner. You can speak to Karen at this point to save (Save/Talk). She giggles at the thought of Ryuujin being engaged to Kiki.
  • If you knock at the door of the nearby shed, Cliff will mistaken you for Zeisii and get angry at you for disturbing him. Go off NE to find Zeisii at Lebanner's grave and speak to him. You learn that he had been trying to get inside to find out more about the Noah Seed but Cliff wouldn't let him in.
  • Return to Karen to find out that the item you gave to Kiki was a sewing thimble she used to use. Kiki isn't going to happy when she finds out once she's older! Go find her in the shed to the left of the grave.
  • Inside, you find Kiki gazing at some plants. She wonders why they are growing.

    The water's bad.
    The soil's bad. *

    Just then, an explosion is heard and Kiki runs out.

  • Return to the bridge and speak to Karen. Cliff comes out of his garage showing everyone the Noah Seed he tried to destroy. He tried all sorts of methods, burning it, running a high voltage through it etc. but not a scratch on it. Annoyed, Cliff tried shooting it with a canon... Now he decides to talk with Zeisii over night to decide what to do with it.

Next day...

  • Get up and speak to Karen (Save/Speak) and you'll learn Cliff's gone off to his garage to work on something.
  • Leave the house and try to exit across the bridge. Some robots appear.

    Let the others know. *
    Play dead.

    Zeisii comes running and aims his gun at the robots. Destroying the bridge, he stops the robots from advancing but they start shooting at them, hitting Cliff. You and Karen runs off to take cover while Zeisii and Cleff uses the vehicle from the garage to fight the TS-666 robots.

    Defeating the robots, Cliff is left heavily wounded and Karen is in tears. Cliff tells her not to worry as he didn't have much time left with the illness he had. Speaking to Ryuujin and Zeisii, he leaves the jeep that Lebanner used with them. He asks them to find the other partner that he and Lebanner had fought together against Noah with. He wants Zeisii and Ryuujin to find a girl named Ingrid. Calling out your name...

    I'm here. *
    Don't die.

    With his last words telling Ryuujin to become a stronger man than his father, Cliff draws his last breathe. He gets buried next to Lebanner.

  • At this point, if you return to the house and speak to Karen, she'll ask if you're tired (Yes/No). Answer yes and she'll give you three options; Save and Rest, Save but Don't Rest, Later.
  • Go into the garage and check the shelves to find a repair kit. Enter the jeep and you'll be able to name it. By default it's called The Lebanner. Riding the jeep, exit the garage and enter the next town to the south.

Storm Stone

  • Zeisii catches up with you and offers to train you into a great Hunter.

    I understand. *
    I don't care.

    Zeisii will join your party.

  • Jump off the jeep by tapping it then selecting the top option to get off. Speak to the girl in the white overall to the left. She offers a tank rental service but to rent a tank, you must first sign an agreement. Choose first option yes to run through the terms then the very last option to exit.
  • Enter the inn and you'll find out about a monster Numanba that attacked a party of traders in the marshes but no one seems to know about Ingrid. Drop by the Hunter Force in the long red house in the NW.
  • Once inside, go to the left and speak to the old man behind the counter. Pick the first option for information then, the first option again to learn about the Numanba. It appears to the north of Storm Stone. Pick the top option yes to learn about the other two monsters then no to exit.
  • Talk to the old man again and select the second option to learn about the monsters of the week. I'm not sure if this is random or not but the monsters for the week is 20 Benkeichuus. Select the first option yes to agree in eliminating the monsters. You'll find these missile firing cactuses in the desert later.
  • To the left you'll see some wanted posters of the Numanba and Over Lord. Head on out the door to the left to find Kiki with her pet chicken. If you speak to her you'll get to name it. Speak to her again and watch the named chicken fly.
  • There is a save point to the right of the old man if you have the need. Just speak to the lady sitting at the terminal.
  • Now leave town and Zeisii asks you a few questions. Pick the correct ones to proceed.

    Do you think Ingrid is nearby?

    I do.
    No I don't. *

    She must be far away so what's the journey going to be like?

    A long journey. *
    I want to go home.

    And what do you need for a long journey?

    A vehicle.
    A toilet.
    Gear. *

    Now you must go to the marshes and kill this Numanba.


  • Get off your jeep and go NE to find a quivering man named Minchi. Zeisii fires at the Numanba to get its attention. Just keep attacking the Numanba until it runs off. Minch and the traders will leave for Storm Stone.
  • Zeisii starts teaching you about the ways of a Hunter and tells you that you need a vehicle to beat the Numanba. It's run off into an area where your Lebanner can't reach so you'll have to lure it out without getting killed. Answer yes with the top option.
  • To start, the best thing to do is to do a bit of fighting to level up while exploring the map. Mainly because you'll be fighting random, weaker monsters while navigating the map. Just exit the marsh and go back to the farm to get a quick rest if you need to. Once you're ready, navigate to the north to find the Numanba. You'll find a water gun on the building to the right of the monster. Equip it for some extra free fire power.
  • To lure to the Numanba, get close to it and it will chase you. Let it get too close and you'll jump into a battle with it. There's no way you can win so it's best you choose the last option to run. BUT, you can't always get away successfully so be careful when luring it. Get too far away and it'll stop chasing you so you can take advantage of this to scout ahead.
  • Once you've lured the Numanba back to Zeisii, tap the button to the top right of the screen to change the Lebanner's weapon. You'll notice they use ammo with each shot. Switch to the last weapon to use missiles for a quick fight.

Storm Stone

  • Return to town and talk to the old man for your 10,000G reward! Pick the third option down to show him proof that the Numanba's dead then, tap the first option yes to receive your cash. But Zeisii decides to split the money between you and him. Thanking you for your bravery in luring the Numanba out, he gives you a whopping 10%! You can complain...

    That's unfair! *

    He asks could you have defeated it alone.

    I could have! *
    No I couldn't have...

    I picked the first option for the fun of it and Zeisii laughs, saying he'll let me fight it alone next time.

  • Just then, one of the traders come in to thank you. He asks if you accept the Kufiya he hands out as thanks (Yes/No). You then ask him about Ingrid and he tells you the best place to look is probably the Flooded Town just past the Madela Desert. There's a store named Zaza there were soldiers gather. Refill the Lebanner with ammo, rest up and lets set off for the Drowned Town.

Madela Desert

  • Enter the Madela Desert to find Professor Pepperman and his assistant Nurse B. They're combing the area for some rare plants that provide cooking ingredients. Head NE past the traders then make your way to the SE corner. You'll know you're going the right way if you pass by a man in a white vest after going through a stone arc. You'll then go pass a long bridge.
  • If you go to the far NE area of the desert, you'll come across another monster wanted in Storm Stone, the Desert King. You won't be able to defeat it at this point along with most of the random monsters that'll appear there so, it's best to avoid the area.

Flooded Town

  • Upon entering, you'll find a man in an overall next to two vending machines. He's the local mechanics agent who offers the following:


    Selecting any of the services will mean you have to wait for the agent to go fetch the appropriate mechanic.

  • Tap the barrels to the SW to cross to a platform where a blue dressed girl is. Go across the barrels SE and into the crack in the wall.
  • Go up the stairs and talk to the guard wearing a green helmet. Select the first option to say that you're here to speak with Madame Zaza. After she appears, she'll ask you what do you need to speak to her about...

    We're just passing by.
    We're looking for someone. *

    She asks what's in it for her if she helps you.

    What do you want us to do? *
    You get nothing.

    Zeisii tries to tell Madame about their important mission but she insists they must do something for her first. Her cook's looking for a certain kind of desert, a Giant Crystalized Truffle. If you speak to one of the men in blue and white, he'll tell you that he heard it's a mushroom with a great aroma. You might be able to find out somewhere nearby.

  • If you go downstairs, you'll be able to find the Hunter Force subdivision and a terminal save point.
  • Go outside and if you wish to buy some new weapons, go to the building in the NW corner where a little boy is standing. In there, you'll also find out from one of the nomadic traders that nearly all the Truffles have been picked. To get any now, you'll have to enter Dog Territory, an area full of dog monsters that'll devour humans on sight.
  • I suggest buying some HP capsules ready for the next part as you'll have to trawl through a little maze.
  • Exit to the map to find two new areas, Killer Hills to the west and Dogs' Territory to the east. Enter Dog Territory.
  • In the Killer Hills, you'll find one of the monsters wanted in Flooded Town, the Mythical Zero Nine Security Robot worth a bounty of 8000G.

Dog Territory

  • Arriving in the new area, a dog barks at you then runs off. You will have to walk from here into a little maze to West. Right at the start, you'll find a dog (the same one?) being attacked and you have a choice.

    Help it. *
    Turn back.

    After saving it, Zeisii sees that it's wounded but he doesn't have time to care. He tells you to hurry with him...

    Wait! *

    You treat the dog, bandaging its front legs and giving it a health capsule. Then it tags along with you.

  • Continue on navigating through the forest. To the east side you'll find a shotgun and NW is where you have to go. You'll know you're going the right way when you're heading upwards along a cliff. When you get to the bottom, large number of dogs surrounds you and locks you up in prison.


  • In your cell, you'll find another Hunter captured. He tells you about how humans have been coming to the forest to hunt the dogs and the monsters using them as bait. Talk to Zeisii too and wait for the next scene when everyone falls asleep.

Dog Territory

  • A dog comes to open the cell door. It turns out to be the dog Pochi you saved earlier. Follow the dog all the way out and it'll speak to its comrades. Seems they consider him a traitor now. It's back to Truffle hunting again, then.
  • Following Pochi, go round the corner and follow the edge of the river NW upwards. Pochi already found some Truffle mushrooms and Zeisii changes his mind about it. As a bionic dog, Pochi can't ride vehicles. From now on, Pochi can use his sense of smell to help track down more mushrooms. Select the second choice to confirm that you know all about it. It's actually useless since the mushrooms have to be onscreen before Pochi can find any.
  • Follow the path upwards, turning west at a box. You can't pick up the vehicle component inside because you don't have the Lebanner with you. Continue west, picking up the mushrooms along the way and at the end you'll find a gun for Pochi and also a breakable wall. You won't be able to break it down at the moment.
  • Return the way you came, back to the river side and the box then, go south until you exit the area.
  • Go pickup the Lebanner and go back to collect those two boxes with the vehicle components which is an engine and a 90ml canon. You might have to throw away some stuff if you want either. Continue on back to the wall that you couldn't destroy earlier and break it down with Lebanner's weapons canon.


  • Break through each of the walls inside until you get out. You can get off Lebanner to explore the sides if you want but, make sure you come back for the jeep. Some routes will be blocked by Pochi's former friends. While some won't let you pass, others will ask you for some cooking ingredient and you can give it to them by choosing the first option. You'll most likely have what you need as they drop from monsters you've fought.
  • Once back outside, drive on up to find another dog guarding an entrance with spikes on the ground. Ignore him and take the path to the right, going round him and following the path. Eventually, you'll reach what appears to be a dead end. Drive up to find that it's another breakable wall. Destroy it and go inside.
  • Back in the caves, you'll find more walls blocking your way to a big green plant monster. Break down the walls towards it and don't worry about it attacking you. You'll be "asked" if you want to fight it.

    By now, you'll most likely have used up all your canon ammo blowing up walls. You'll have to return to town to get Lebanner repaired and refilled because this battle will take EVERYTHING you can store. For me it took all 28 of my 90ml canon ammo along with the final two smart missiles before it died. This thing also hits you with pink puffs that makes your characters fall asleep as well as leech some life.

  • Once you defeat the plant, collect the Giant Crystalized Truffle that Madame Zaza wants and return to town.

    Note that you must have NO dead party members before going back to the store. Madame Zaza doesn't like to see corpses so you will have to revive any that are dead.

  • If you must go back to Storm Stone to revive dead members, buy yourself a repair kit in Flooded Town first. Now explore the north of Madela Desert to find a cowgirl who's jeep's broken down. Talk to her and choose the first option to ask what's wrong. Choose the first option again to give her the repair kit. Finally, talk to her one more time to get a Poly Bottle that is used to hold water. Make a note of what's at the end of your inventory.

Flooded Town

  • Speak to the guard and select the first option to show him the Truffle. Go in to find Madame Zaza and she will ask you what's wrong this time...

    Give her the Truffle. *
    Try crying.

    She is surprised that you actually got a hold of one. As usual, Zeisii brags about how easy it was and so, thinking it wasn't hard at all, Zaza pretends she said nothing about helping them. Not being able to hold himself back any longer, Zeisii shouts at her trying to force her to tell them what they need to know. Madame Zaza isn't moved at all and says that Zeisii should mind his manners. Giving up, Zeisii tells you to leave with him...

    Don't leave *

    Zeisii will try to force you to leave. Select the second option again and he'll change his mind. Keeping to his manners, he tries to beg Madame Zaza for the information. After Zaza hands over the Truffle to her chef, she tries to ask for another favour. Take out the Mythical Zero Nine Security Robot in the Killer Hills in exchange for the information.

    It's a deal. *
    You must be joking.

    You have no choice in this matter and she isn't joking either. Leave your car behind and head for the Killer Hills in the west. Vehicles can't pass through so you have to walk.

Killer Hills

  • Go towards the building and you'll find two Hunters lying on their backs outside. Looks like they ran out of capsules and couldn't make it through.
  • Enter the building and use the lift to go up to the 7th floor. Take the stairs down to 4F then go outside to where the helipad is. Use the lift you see to go to 1F. Here you can change the direction of the first conveyor belt to gain access to a vending machine that sells recovery drinks. Stock up the can to the left. These are twice more effective than the capsules.
  • You may also want to stock up on the pencil missiles to the far right of the vending machine. These will come in handy for the next boss. Just don't forget what the Katakana looks like or remember how many you bought!
  • Once you're ready, check the oil drums next to the other conveyer belt. You'll notice one of them is lighter coloured. Run into it to move it away and then go up to the second floor.
  • 2F contains a little cash in the oil drums and also two boxes to the side.
  • 3F you'll find more free items, mostly recovery drinks. You'll also find another fellow Hunter warning you about the Mythical Zero Nine.
  • Once you think you're ready, head on up to 4F to find the robot. When you move towards it, an alarm will sound and you'll have to option to retreat or continue. Picking the second option will start the fight.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Mythical Zero Nine Security Robot

    Easy fight as long as you spam it with pencil missiles or if you have your character equipped with a ray gun. The robot will repair itself now and then, firing some bombs occasionally. Other than the bombs, his normal attacks will do little damage to your party.

  • Enter the room behind where the robot was to find some free recovery drinks in the desks. You'll also find vending machines selling more of them. Now it's time to get back to Madama Zaza.

Flooded Town

  • Speak to the guard to let you pass. Then choose the first option when you speak with Madame Zaza to let her know the good news. Zaza is delighted and agrees to tell you about the Phantom Flame, Ingrid. She appears to be living in Toro Town. To get there, you must head NE through the Madela Desert where you'll find a secret passage leading there.
  • Before heading out of town, remember to stock up what you need and refill your Lebanner too. Also, go to the Hunter Force office to claim your reward! This time, Zeisii splits it half and half seeing how Ryuujin's become a better Hunter now.

Outside Town

  • Leaving town, Zeisii makes haste towards Toro after all the time they've wasted carrying out Zaza's favours. But just as they cross the bridge, a missile is fired at them. Ryuujin and Pochi are knocked out of Lebanner while Zeisii makes it to the other side. Three creatures appear introducing themselves as the Diabola Clan. They've been looking for Zeisii and they want a certain item back. Zeisii refuses to hand it over and a fight breaks out.
  • Zeisii manages to survive, driving the Lebanner through the Diabola Clan. He tells Ryuujin to run and meet up at Toro later.

Flooded Town

  • Ryuujin returns to Madame Zaza who asks if he's met Ingrid already...

    Explain what happened. *
    Say goodbye.

    Hearing how Ryuujin and Zeisii were attacked by the Diabola Clan, she finally believes that they really must be on an important mission. Zaza pauses to think a while, staring into space. Then she hesitates saying there's actually another passageway leading from the Flooded City to Toro. She asks if you want to know.

    Yes *

    Zaza continues about how you must go into the deepest parts of the Dog Territory where you'll find a passage leading to the Oasis. You'll just have to go alone from there.

Dog Territory

  • Once you're all packed up and ready to go, go to the first Dog Territory area where you got captured by the dogs. Make your way to the spot where you got surrounded again and you'll find some caves. Notice there's a box at the top. It contains Pochi's Burner which is a powerful fire based weapon for Pochi so you might want to try getting it. Go into the cave that has a white dog next to it. Make your way northwards through the passageways and forests until you reach the Oasis.


  • If you collected the ????? Polytank in the desert earlier then, speak to the hunchbacked old lady. She'll ask if you have something she could store water in and drink from. Select the first choice then give her the Polytank, she'll give you some suntan oil. Rest up in the tent if you need to then exit via the north.

Madela Desert

  • Following Zaza's instructions, hug the right edge and follow it NE. Eventually you'll reach the exit towards Toro.


  • Talk to the little girl and you'll find that Zeisii's left on the local boat to a place called Flamingo Ville.
  • If you go to the right you'll find that the boat isn't leaving because the captain won't move from his room. Going in to visit him, you'll find that he seems to miss the kelp soup his wife cooks for him. Talking to his wife at the table, you learn that kelp has become a rare ingredient lately due to a troublesome monster.
  • Go speak to the fat man with the mini boat. He'll give you three destinations; inn, market and western houses. The last option is to cancel. You won't be able to go to the houses because only the rich are allowed there. So go to the inn first and go inside for an event.
  • You overhear a coversation from a man named Lionni who wants to get some sea kelp to make miso soup for the captain. But his friends won't go with him to the caves to collect some because there's a giant squid monster there. They only risk their lives for money, not for some old man. Angrily Lionni storms out the inn.
  • Go talk to the man in red to the right. You hear him say he's going to go eliminate the squid.
  • Return to the town entrance by boat and purcase yourself some capsules. Finding yourself an electric weapon would also be good as you'll be facing a few random robotic bats in the caves. When ready, exit the town and go to the new Cape Kaimei.

Cape Kaimei

  • Talk to the first nomad to find out that Lionni's gone ahead into the caves. You'll also learn that you have to go in and out of places sometimes (actually leaving to the map) so that the tide goes away, making new paths in and outside the caves accessible. Leave the area and a series of new locations will appear on the map.
  • Enter the first cave to find the soldier in red again. He leaves because he can't reach the monster on the opposite site.
  • Leave and enter the second cave. Find the soldier again to the south below the arch. It's a dead end so he decides to go up onto the arch.
  • Leave and go into the third cave. Go south to find Lionni's friends. They've changed their mind finding out the kelp sells at a high price. Go after them by following the path round up to the top of the arch. You find them running away from a giant squid. Lionni's comes out to help them but gets knocked down himself. Go talk to him and you'll find he's injured his leg. He seems more upset about finding the frying pan he just dropped.


  • Go back out the way you came, leave the cave and return to town. Talk to the fat man next to the boat again and pick the second option to go to the market place. Talk to the merchant to the far right and pay 500G for a metal detector. Notice that a little black square appears in the bottom right of the screen now. Tap it whenever you want to try and find buried treasure.

Cape Kaimei

  • Now go to the second cave and wait for the tides to go away. Go down the slopes then, go near the platform where Lionni is standing and use the metal detector. You'll see it's detected something nearby towards the bottom left corner of the map. Go down through the arch to the south and follow the path round to the left. Use the detector again if you encounter a battle. You'll find a spot with a red arrow just below Lionni. Tap it to get his frying pan. You'll also find a box with a vest armour for Pochi.
  • Leave the area and go to the third cave now to return the pan to Lionni. He'll want to thank you in whatever way he can...

    Cook me something. *
    It's nothing.

    You'll ask Lionni to cook you some kelp soup that the captain wants. Lionni replies it's nothing hard to do but he'll need the rare kelp. Unfortunately, his friends took off with it earlier and they're most likely have sold it to the market now. Since the price is going to be very high to buy it back, he figures that you and he should go defeat the wanted giant squid nearby for the bounty. That way you should have enough money.

  • Lionni will now join your party. Choose the second option to say that you know he can cook. To make him cook some food from the ingredients you collect, go to his tab in the main menu then select the abilities button. Choose the very first ability and you'll see a list of things he can cook right away. More food can be made by getting the appropriate recipes.
  • Continue along the path to find the soldier again. He leaves because he doesn't have any bait to lure the squid over. Move up towards the squid and it'll ask if you want to lure it (Yes/No). Choose yes then select the third option, something smelly. Pick the last option for some slime, then the second option to throw out the lure.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Brass Banshee

    Another fairly easy fight. It will have two wave attacks, one that damages all your party members and one that puts them to sleep. An electric weapon for your character will be the best.

  • Make your way out of the cave and you'll find the soldier again. Talk to him to let him know you defeated the squid. He won't believe you...

    It's true! *
    Just kidding.

    Lionni backs up your word and the soldier believes you. He introduces
    himself as Eternal Fang. People call him White Fang. Then he leaves. Now
    make your way back to Toro, going to and leaving the caves appropriately
    to get rid of the tides.


  • Go speak to the Memory Center to save your game first just in case you make a mistake buying the wrong ingredient. Now go to the Hunter Force office to get your 10,000G reward.
  • Take the boat over to the market place by selecting the second destination. Talk to the merchant in red just above the chef. Pick the 10,000G kelp to try and purchase it. Afterwards, a man from the wealthy Toro Family comes along with a maid to buy some food.
  • Now that you have the ingredient, you should have the recipe for kelp soup on you. Go into your inventory and look for Alisa's Recipe ????????. Use it to learn how to make the soup.
  • If you try to cook the kelp soup, you'll find that you need some Toro Soba first. So talk to the first merchant in blue and purchase the second 100G ingredient. Now go to Lionni's abilities, choose the first ability cooking, and find kelp soup, ???????. Double-tap it and then tap the button next to the cross to make it.
  • Before going to the captain, go to the inn and speak with the female soldier at the counter. You'll find out that one of the guards likes Numenume Yaki. You should have the ingredients so, go to Lionni's cooking ability and pick the very first recipe. You'll have yourself

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