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Wii Internet Channel Goes Free Again

That’s right. The Wii Internet Channel that used to cost 500 Wii Points (US$5) is now free again. And for those who did pay for it in Europe, Nintendo is generous enough to reimburse those points by offering a single NES Virtual Console title of equal value between now and the end of this year.

I bought my Wii during the first few months after it was launched here so I got the channel for free and won’t be qualifying for this.

Wii Internet Channel free for download again.

Food Delivery Channel Coming to the Wii in Spring 2009

Just earlier this month, a free fortune telling channel was released for the Wii. Now it looks like another one is heading to the console.

Yume no Machi has announced their Demae-Can online service will be brought to the Wii next year in Japan as the “Demae Channel (Food Delivery Channel) sometime in Spring. This service basically allows users to conveniently browse the food available for delivery within their area. Covering 8400 food outlets, customers select the area they live in and a menu of all the food nearby is presented to them. It’s claimed that the shortest time for delivery is 30 minutes.

Order food in your area.

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The Nintendo Wii Gets A Free Fortune Telling Channel

The latest free Wii Channel available for download in Japan starting today is “The Foretelling Today and Tomorrow, Lucky Channel“! Not quite as long as Brain Age’s title but, still pretty long.

As the name suggests, this is basically a fortune telling software. Allowing you to register up to a maximum of six Miis, you enter a birthday and then you will be able to learn about your fortune in love, career, studies, social life and wealth. Even your lucky colour for today or tomorrow.

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