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Valkyria Chronicles Review

In the very first title in Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles series, it’s the Second Europan War in the year 1935 and a conflict has broken out between the Atlantic Federation and Imperial Empire. A small neutral nation Gallia is caught up between the war for a resource known as “Ragnite” and now its people must help fend their homeland. During this conflict Alicia and Welkin’s home of Bruhl is conquered and, enlisting themselves in the Gallian army, they form Squad 7 and begin their fight to restore peace.

The story is a fair bit different from the Anime that was produced afterwards but the key events are mainly the same so, you might not want to watch it before playing this.

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Fire Emblem: New Mystery of The Emblem, The Hero of Light and Shadows

In Fire Emblem, Shin Monsho no Nazo, Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu, a year has passed since The War of Shadows. The Kingdom of Alkania has been re-established under the new ruling of Emperor Hardin who had fought along side Marth. A rebellion occurs and Marth, Prince of Altea is asked for his aid to suppress it. However, he soon begins to question what he is really assisting in and would rather be branded a traitor than continue with the immoral acts. As a result, Hardin uses this as an excuse to invade. Now Marth, together with his new recruit, must find a way to retrieve his ancestral home in Altea and find a way to stop the changed Hardin who seems to possess an all too familiar dark power.

I never really got into the Fire Emblem SRPG series so I can’t really be sure what new features they put into this latest title. This is the second title of the two part remake of the SNES game “The Mystery of The Emblem” first released in Japan back in 1994.

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Valkyria Chronicles 2 Review

The SRPG Valkyria Chronicles 2 takes place in early 20th century and the European War II is underway with Europe divided into the Atlantic Federation and East Europa Imperial Alliance. The Alliance invades keen to get a hold of the powerful “Ragnite” minerals from Gallia, a small neutral nation that stood between the two sides. Gallia manages to fend them off but before they could recover from their fight, the Grand Duke Cordellia reveals that she is from the Darcsen bloodline, black-haired people who once brought disaster to the country and was stopped by the Valkyria. As a result of the discrimination since those times, a rebellious group who resented the Darcsens, form the “Gallian Revolutionary Army” to overthrow her causing a civil war to break out.

One day Avan Hardins receives news his brother was killed in battle but not being able to see the corpse, he refuses to believe it and decides to join the Lanseal Royal Military Academy to train while seeking out more information.

Valkyria Chronicles 2

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Devil Survivor Review

And here is the mysterious “MegaTen DS” game that Atlus had revealed as part of its DS line up four years ago, Devil Survivor. Another spin-off title from their MegaTen series but also unrelated to the Persona series.

Devil Survivor for the DS.

It is the middle of the summer holidays in August. Your cousin Naoya has invited you and your friends Yuzu and Atsurou for a day out to Shibuya 901 to hang out. However upon arriving, you find out he can’t make it but has asked Yuzu to give out machines that resemble a Nintendo DS called a “Communication Player” or “Comp” for short. After hacking open the protection on it, they find themselves having the ability to see how long others have to live and receive strange emails foretelling future incidents that will happen in the city. Hours later, the city is quarantined. All communications and power are cut off and monsters are appearing everywhere. With your new power to summon “Devils”, you are determined to survive and change fate before the seven days are up.

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