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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – My Life as a Darklord Revealed

Square-Enix has revealed they’ll be releasing their next Wii Ware title, “Final Fantasy Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord” for 1000 Wii Points this year – Slightly cheaper than their last. Japan will have it available in the Wii Shop this June.

Taking an excerpt from the official site

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord puts you in the highly fashionable shoes of the Darklord’s daughter, a malevolent little Miss, charged with a dispatching intruding do-gooders by strategically placing traps and monsters around the tower she calls home.

It’s a real time strategy game with a devilish twist!

FFCC My Life as a Darklord

I’m actually reminded of Vanillaware’s “GrimGrimoire” which is also a real-time tower based game. After enjoying My Life as a King, I think I’ll be buying this too. Looks fun. I like the villainess’ costume design but what happened to the tonberry…

Full Metal Alchemist – Prince of Dawn, Wii

Looks like Full Metal Alchemist is getting it’s own adventure game on the Wii sometime this summer according to Game Watch.

FFXIII director Mutomu Toriyama will be responsible for Akatsuki no Ouji’s original story scenarios which, links to volume 16 of the Manga and includes some new original characters too. Being an “adventure” visual novel style game, the player will mainly be speaking with characters dotted around Central City to progress the story but will also be playing a collection of mini games.

Maybe this is the reason for FFXIII’s delays.

Full Metal Alchemist - Akatsuki no Ouji

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Wiiware, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – My Life as a King

Since Nintendo lets players who buy and register their products to swap Star Points for Wii Points now, I finally decided to go download the 1500 points Wii Ware title, “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – My Life as a King“. The sim (yes, it’s not an RPG!) sounded like a very fun title and with Square-Enix behind its development, I was pretty sure it will be.

In case you don’t know, Wii Ware are small titles developed for the Nintendo Wii’s Shopping Channel where users can purchase Wii Points either directly through the internet or, go to a high street store to pick up a Wii Point Card. The “exchange rate” is £7 for 1000 Wii Points so as you can see, that just puts this Square-Enix title at around the £11 mark only.

Or if like me, you’ve been buying Nintendo products, you can exchange 4 Star Points for 1 Wii Point. You can get around 250 Star Points per game which works out to around 60 Wii Points but… Every little counts.

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Sigma Harmonics Review

The story of “Sigma Harmonics” begin in Kurogami Mansion where a great Clock Tower seals away demons known as “Ouma” existing within the flow of time, creatures that can alter people’s thoughts provoking them to do malicious deeds. Sigma Kurogami a “Sound User” and his friend Neon Tsukiyumi, a “Charm User” one day go out for some lunch together when suddenly the world before them lie in ruins. Fifty years have mysteriously passed and all the Sound Users have disappeared. Someone has re-written history and it’s now it’s up to Neon to solve the mysteries and defeat the Oumas to restore order.

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