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Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki Gets a Sequel, Kiseki Series 10th Anniversary

And you can find the official press release in PDF here.

It was pretty much expected if you’ve played the game. Falcom pretty much did what they did to Sora no Kiseki (Trails in the Sky) to “Sen no Kiseki (Trails in a Flash)” too – leave a big cliffhanger for players.

However, it’s good news we’re getting more of the same because Falcom finally breathed some life back into the Kiseki series.

Sen no Kiseki 2

A Little History

Part of Falcom Japan’s spin-off “Kiseki” series, it all kicked off with “Sora no Kiseki (AKA Trails in the Sky in the West)”. I say spin-off because it was originally supposed to be a one off title that was part of their “Eiyuu Densetsu (Legend of Heroes)” series but, FC was so successful, it now has its own franchise.

So, 10 Years of “Kiseki” games, eh? (sounds like 10 years of “miracles” if you treat it as a pun!) Doesn’t feel that long since I imported the first original title on PC.

For a little background on how the “Kiseki” franchise developed, lets wind back a few titles.

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Rain for PS3 Review

Rain (not to be confused with Heavy Rain) was a PS3 exclusive, download only game that caught my attention when I saw some news coverage of it on Japanese and Western sites alike. So, I decided to give it a try despite no playable demo beforehand.

It turns out to be quite a short but pleasant adventure game.

Rain, PS3


On a rainy day, a young boy catches the silhouette of a girl outside his home. He runs after her and finds himself invisible just like the girl in a deserted, dark, raining world. Visible to each other only under the rain, the two children soon find themselves helping each other out, trying to escape this unknown world while avoiding the relentless creatures that hunt them.

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Guide to Becoming IdolM@ster – The Second

Yes, I know. 3 years late but better late than never. Had this written up long ago but never made the time to finish off the edit since there’s little chance of any English speakers importing this ^^;

Anyway, 120 hours of IdolM@ster 2 on the PS3 and got the platinum trophy. Looks and plays much better than the PSP game which only let you manage one idol.

Despite its appearance that seems to be directed a “moe” fans, it’s actually a very fun management sim with a mish-mash of mini games to increase your idol’s visual appeal, dance moves, vocals. Then you have to spend time to increase your idols popularity while keeping the fans happy nationwide to sell more singles, win awards and out compete your rivals.

It’s not easy balancing it all in a limited number of weeks (turns).

So here is a guide to beating the game with full S rank (Hyper Mode). The conditions for scoring an S rank in each of the following factors are…

  • Group Image Label – Level 16
  • High Score – 65,000 pts
  • Number of Singles Sold – 5.5 million
  • Highest Chart Position – No. 1
  • No. of Retries – 0
  • Academy Awards – All Regions and Idol Academy Award (5 million fans, top 20)

IdolM@ster 2

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Catherine (PS3) Review, Atlus’ First HD Title

Catherine is Atlus’ first HD title from the Persona development team released for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. You could say it’s a spin-off title based off a side character from one of their more popular franchises, Persona 3 Portable.

Vincent Brookes is a 32 year old man being pressed into the dreaded question of marriage by his fiancé Katherine but, he’s not sure if he wants to be tied down yet. Since then, his nightmares of himself being turned into a sheep and climbing for his life, running away from unforeseen horrors have been getting worse. One night, he decides not to go home, not wanting to experience the nightmares again and ends up meeting a playful girl also named Catherine (with a C) who he has a one night stand with. Rumours have it that a there is a woman cursing unfaithful men who end up dying from their dreams. Could Vincent be cursed and escape?

Catherine (PS3)

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Valkyria Chronicles Review

In the very first title in Sega’s Valkyria Chronicles series, it’s the Second Europan War in the year 1935 and a conflict has broken out between the Atlantic Federation and Imperial Empire. A small neutral nation Gallia is caught up between the war for a resource known as “Ragnite” and now its people must help fend their homeland. During this conflict Alicia and Welkin’s home of Bruhl is conquered and, enlisting themselves in the Gallian army, they form Squad 7 and begin their fight to restore peace.

The story is a fair bit different from the Anime that was produced afterwards but the key events are mainly the same so, you might not want to watch it before playing this.

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