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A Look at the Japanese P3P Pre-order Goods and Limited Editions

There’s only a week left until Persona 3 Portable goes on sale in Japan and it’s managed to get a Famitsu score of 8/8/8/8 (32/40) which is just one point short of the original PS2 game which got 9/8/8/8 (33/40). I don’t know the details since I don’t have access to better shots of the reviews but according to 1up.com’s translations, it’s fairly much the same story wise while the major changes take place with the S. Links.

Anyway, since Atlus doesn’t have its own pre-order goods or limited edition as usual, I thought we would take a look at what the shops have to offer to draw in the customers…

Persona 3 Portable Pre-order Goods

Now we know why Junpei was red in the face and speechless in Tartarus – Mitsuru looks quite stunning in that new high leg “armour”, doesn’t she?

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Gameplay Offers Pre-Order Chrono Trigger DS Soundtrack

Just 8 days until Chrono Trigger DS reaches European stores and the surprising thing is, Gameplay is giving gamers the chance to get their hands on the pre-order CD that was made available to Japan and the US! Seems none of the other game retailers here are offering the same item.

I’m tempted to order it since I originally played the SNES version in English anyway but, I’m also hesitant because I have played it before already. Not sure I would spend time on it when there’s so many other titles out on offer. The newly featured randomly generated dungeons and Pokemon style arena battles don’t really sound too appealing.

Gameplay offers pre-order soundtrack.

Chrono Trigger DS, US Gets The Pre-Order Bonus Soundtrack Too

Looks like the collectors amongst you who want the bonus pre-order soundtrack that will come with Chrono Trigger DS might not have to import it. Gamestop stores in the US are offering the very same soundtrack for customers that pre-order the game with them before November 24th.

On the other hand, it seems the store has a bad reputation over there. Reminds me of the Game and EB stores here in the UK… They always keep the game discs and manuals separate from the box and only slip them in when you bring an empty game box to the counter to pay.

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The Exciting Search for Witches, Pre-Order Good and 3 of the Suspects Revealed

Due for release on July 5th, SNK’s “Dokidoki Majo Shinban!” witch hunting game will come with a screen cleaner. Only available while stocks last so better order early if you’re interested.

Pre-order screen cleaner.

Three of the suspects have also been named. From left to right we have handheld gaming loving little girl Renge Koda (30% possibility), hospitalised obedient little boy Yuma Mochizuki (40% possibility) and mysterious Mary Watahiki (70% possibility).

The suspects.

The game is given a “C” rating by CERO which means it’s for ages 15 and up. Seems there will be a Chinese and Korean version of the game because you can view the official site in those languages too now.

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