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Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name Movie to Get a 4K UHD Blu-Ray Collectors Edition Release


– Zavvi AllTheAnime Deluxe Edition Info Added

– Collectors Edition Review Posted
You can read my review of the CE and the movie here.

– Bonus Good Photos
Added photos (via Twitter) of some of the bonus items.

– Toho B5 Canvas Art and Ringbinder Revealed. CE’s 6 Part Digipak Also Revealed
And you can view them on the official Kiminona.com and Toho sites respectively.

– Preview of Special/Collectors Edition “Visual Commentary”
Official site has released a teaser about the “visual commentary video” that will come with the Special/Collectors Edition which shows Ryuunosuke, Mone and members of Radwimp making comments alongside the movie.

 – Exclusive Limited Edition Bonus Goodies
Added information about what each online store is offering as exclusive limited edition goodies. Competition is fierce as usual with Toho offering a B5 sized canvas and ring binder for an extra 1000JPY.

 – Release Date Confirmed!
There were doubts about the photos from the mystery Twitter account but the Japanese disc release date leak has been confirmed as real todayMakoto Shinkai has tweeted about it and an announcement by the voice actors has also been released on YouTube.

Details of the disc contents have also been confirmed as the same with a 5 disc 4K Collectors Edition available as well as the pre-order bonus film bookmarks – there will be 34 different ones in total. The movie will also come with English/Chinese subtitles as with previous movie releases.

Amazon Japan is already accepting pre-orders and is offering even more bonuses by including 2 postcards with all editions while the Collectors and Special Editions also gets an A4 sized frame.

 – Disc Contents Leaked
Added a table for easier comparison between versions. Chackn has also revealed another photo that reveals the disc content of the actual packages so information has been added about them. That said, there is still no official confirmation this is real as real as it looks. It’s quite odd he doesn’t tag or mention “Kimi no Na wa” in his tweets but it will be interesting to see if this is real over the next month or so =P

Haven’t done a news post for a very long time but this one should be of interest for fans of Makoto Shinkai’s works like myself.

We’ve known for a long time UK will be getting a dual format release of Kimi no Na wa in October since it’s been listed on Amazon UK for some time now but, now we have a release date for Japan’s version!

Judging by this blurry photo by @Chackn on Twitter Japan will be getting 3 versions including a 4K UHD Blu-ray release on July 26th. All pre-orders will get a film strip bookmark (34 different ones in total). Here’s a table for an easier comparison of all versions:

Collectors Edition
12,000 Yen (£83)
Special Edition
7800 Yen (£54)
Regular Edition
Blu-ray 4800 Yen (£33)
DVD 3800 Yen (£26)
– 2x Movie discs (1x 4K UHD)
– 3x Bonus discs
– 100 page booklet.
– Movie script.
– Mini character stickers.
– 6 part digipak
– Movie + 2x bonus discs
– 100 page booklet.
– Mini character stickers.
– 1x Movie disc
– Mini character stickers.
Collectors Edition £19.99 Zavvi Deluxe Edition £59.99
– Blu-ray + DVD movie disc.
– Collectors Packaging (Zavvi, Steelbook Case)
– Blu-ray + DVD
– A3 Poster
– 128 page artbook (Same as JP release)
– 10 art cards

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A Look at the Japanese P3P Pre-order Goods and Limited Editions

There’s only a week left until Persona 3 Portable goes on sale in Japan and it’s managed to get a Famitsu score of 8/8/8/8 (32/40) which is just one point short of the original PS2 game which got 9/8/8/8 (33/40). I don’t know the details since I don’t have access to better shots of the reviews but according to 1up.com’s translations, it’s fairly much the same story wise while the major changes take place with the S. Links.

Anyway, since Atlus doesn’t have its own pre-order goods or limited edition as usual, I thought we would take a look at what the shops have to offer to draw in the customers…

Persona 3 Portable Pre-order Goods

Now we know why Junpei was red in the face and speechless in Tartarus – Mitsuru looks quite stunning in that new high leg “armour”, doesn’t she?

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Gameplay Offers Pre-Order Chrono Trigger DS Soundtrack

Just 8 days until Chrono Trigger DS reaches European stores and the surprising thing is, Gameplay is giving gamers the chance to get their hands on the pre-order CD that was made available to Japan and the US! Seems none of the other game retailers here are offering the same item.

I’m tempted to order it since I originally played the SNES version in English anyway but, I’m also hesitant because I have played it before already. Not sure I would spend time on it when there’s so many other titles out on offer. The newly featured randomly generated dungeons and Pokemon style arena battles don’t really sound too appealing.

Gameplay offers pre-order soundtrack.

Chrono Trigger DS, US Gets The Pre-Order Bonus Soundtrack Too

Looks like the collectors amongst you who want the bonus pre-order soundtrack that will come with Chrono Trigger DS might not have to import it. Gamestop stores in the US are offering the very same soundtrack for customers that pre-order the game with them before November 24th.

On the other hand, it seems the store has a bad reputation over there. Reminds me of the Game and EB stores here in the UK… They always keep the game discs and manuals separate from the box and only slip them in when you bring an empty game box to the counter to pay.

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