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Persona Q Review

Atlus made quite an interesting move by putting together their most popular Persona series with their classic dungeon crawler series, Etrian Odyssey.

So the story takes place after Persona 4 Golden. An ominous tower appears, the Persona characters somehow find themselves trapped in a place similar to Yasogami High. They meet Rei and Zen who claims to be in a similar situation. Together, they start exploring trying to find a way out. You have the choice to play as the Persona 4 or 3 gang, each having their own version of the dialogue of the story.

Persona Q

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Atlus’s New Persona 4: Golden and Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena

So, you’ve all been expressing how much you wanted a Persona 4 Portable after hearing how Hashino wasn’t willing to develop one until the space issue was resolved. Well, it looks like PS Vita has solved the problem by offering over 16x more space on its NVG Cards than the current PSP’s UMDs and now, details have emerged for Persona 4 – “The Golden”!

New content for this PS2 JRPG re-make includes…

  • New character called “Marie”, a mysterious classmate who the MC can meet as a Social Link.
  • Linking up with other players over the internet to rescue them from a dungeon.
  • Costumes.
  • New Anime cutscenes.

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How Well Does P3P Play Off UMD?

So far, we’ve only seen P3P running off the new PSP Go – Which means it loads faster off the built-in memory. But how does it play off the traditional UMD on older PSP models?

Director Hashino shows you just how well the dungeon crawling and life sim parts of the game load in the fourth entry of the P3P blog.

P3P Blog Entry No. 4

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Persona Music Live 2009 Coverage

It’s Silver Week in Japan which means some of the Japanese are on holiday and that’s probably also the reason why there’s no update for the P3P website today. But nevermind… Lets take a look at what happened at last Saturday’s Persona Music Live 2009 concert instead!

Thanks to the late Twitter micro blogging craze it’s slightly more easier to find out how the concert went at Tokyo, Wel City. Not to mention the myriad of blogs too of course! The biggest credit has to go to Mikecchi who wrote a very detailed account of the event.

Persona Music Live 2009 at Wel City, Tokyo

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