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Final Fantasy XV Review

So 10 years in the making, Final Fantasy XV is finally out. SE’s latest release which will hopefully restore faith in their fanbase after FFXIII didn’t go so well with fans. The delay doesn’t quite stop there since on the PS4 version there’s an additional 9.5GB patch to download on top of a 50GB install before you can actually start the game but, that’s not much compared to the 10 year wait for some fans and since we now have broadband.

FFXV is finally here!

In FFXV, the Empire has taken over with its Magitek army and with it comes dark times. Now Luna, a descendant from the bloodline of Oracles is claiming the powers of gods to help claim it back. Meanwhile her childhood friend and next in-line prince, Noct makes his way back from his roadtrip trying to catch up with her hoping to stop the menacing evil together and lighten her burden.

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World of Final Fantasy Review

Two siblings Reynn and Lann find themselves in a deserted world where everything seems out of place but a “God” claims they’ve been around for a long time. Now they must travel around the world of Grymoire to find out more about themselves while saving it from the clutches of evil.

World of Final Fantasy’s gameplay is kind of similar to Pokemon – they probably played around with the idea from FFXIII 2 anyway. Fortunately, it plays a lot better. Of course, instead of being called Pokemon, they’re “Mirages” and to catch them you have to weaken them first but, Toseco takes it a step further because you need to use a certain kind of attack to weaken them further.

The story begins with Renn and Lann

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Final Fantasy VII On the Way to a Smile Audiobook Project

Been about three months since I finally completed my translation of the official Final Fantasy VII On the Way to a Smile novel but, if you’ve still to read the 264 pages of text, maybe you’ll want to check out TheLifestream.net’s fan based audiobook project that’s underway.

I had a listen to the previews myself and the voice work, sound effects and music mastering are quite well done at this early stage. Not to mention it’s collaborated over the internet which means more effort is needed to deal with the varying recording quality.

I’m not part of the project but it’s still exciting to hear my translations narrated and voice acted – Even though Kazushige Nojima should be the one getting the most credit for writing the stories in the first place ^^;

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FFCC My Life As A Darklord Review

The next Square-Enix WiiWare title “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A Darklord” is now out in Europe for 1000 points (£7) with additional content costing more with Pay to Play scheme… A lot more.

Monsters have been forced into hiding in a tower by heroes and the “kind” Darklord Craydall offers to be sealed away into a crystal in exchange for their peace. Everything was peaceful until his rule is passed over to his daughter, Mira who wants to bring terror to the world. Before that, she will have to fend her tower off from the invading heroes…

Sounds like it blends in with the story in Life As A King, no?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life As A Darklord

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FFVII On the Way to a Smile, Now in Hardback with New Stories

Never knew they released this on the same day as the Blu-ray release of FFVII Advent Children Complete until Amazon JP’s automated service recommended it to me today… They just had to do it after I bought all the other books that contained the stories separately. They really know how to squeeze money out of their fans.

Anyway, this 263 page black hardback copy of the On the Way to a Smile short stories collection costs 1470 Yen (US$15) and contains all stories released so far…

  • Case of Denzel, Case of Tifa which were released in Japan only.
  • Case of Barret which was released with the limited edition of the DVD in America.
  • Also four new stories Case of Nanaki, Case of Yuffie, Case of Shinra and Case of Lifestream!

Note that the first three stories have been revised with no significant new scenes however according to those who have already bought it.

FFVII On the Way to a Smile Hardback Edition

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