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DJ Max Portable Black Square Review

There’s not much I can say about this latest title in the DJ Max Portable series because it is very much like Clazziquai Edition so this will be a very short review.

Interestingly enough, upon starting Black Square it asks if you’ve played Clazziquai Edition before and if you answer yes, the difficulty is set to normal but if you answer no, it’s set to hard (you can still change it later). It’s presuming anyone who buys this knows what they’re in for and that is, a rhythm game full of challenges for DJMP veterans.

DJMP Black Square

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DJ Max Portable Black Square ~ Quattra ~ Limited Edition

Ruliweb has a new trailer up and also reveals the limited edition of DJMP Black Square dubbed “Quattra” will contain the following:

  • Game with limited edition box art.
  • Premium limited edition case.
  • 4 disc OST.
  • Illusion (DJ Max Metro Project Visualization Book).
  • Son of Sun Special Gift.
  • Set of Portable Speakers BS24.
  • A 2009 Pentavision New Year’s Card.

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DJ Max Portable Black Square Features

Already stopped playing DJMP Clazziquai now but, been listening to their discography everyday. I really like the fun opening “Salesman” has to it!

Anyway, Ruliweb has revealed more information about the upcoming Black Square edition aimed at the veteran DJMP players. Still no release date or info about what the limited edition package will contain but, pre-orders will be accepted in Korea starting this Saturday.

The latest title in the DJMP series will feature:

  • Club Tour Challenges
    You’ll find hidden DJs appearing at clubs if you fulfil the right conditions.
  • Entire Control System
    Completely play the songs yourself, not just a select number of instruments. More info to be released on this later.
  • Plus Score Point
    New gears to help you gain that higher score.
  • 6B FX and Redesigned Song Patterns.
    As with 4B FX, the normal 6B button configuration but with the L and R buttons too. In addition to the Normal (NM), Hard (HD) and Maximum (MX) version of songs, there will be a new Redesign (RD) playable version too.
  • Link Up Clazziquai for Over 100 New Song Patterns.
    Play them in the new 6B FX mode too.

DJ Max Portable Black Square This December

Ruliweb reveals there will be a limited edition of the next DJ Max Portable title, “Black Square” and its contents will be revealed early next month.

It appears something special will be unlocked if you use the Clazziquai Edition with the game’s Link Disc feature and the composer behind “First Kiss” will be responsible for the opening in BS.

There’s also a number of sample songs up in WAV format but, not really interested in hearing them. I’ll just wait for the game.

And… Nice poster?