Summer Sky Shot June 2009

Just felt like posting this shot of the evening sky I took about a week ago. Been paying a lot more attention to the sky since taking a liking to Makoto Shinkai’s works after watching 5cm.

With the weather so hot during the day, it’s been great going for my 30 minute jog 6 in the morning when the sun’s already shining brightly but while the air still has a tint of coolness lingering in it.

Very peaceful too.

Evening Sky - June '09

7 thoughts on “Summer Sky Shot June 2009

  1. Kate Sith

    Sorry, this is off topic, but I was wondering about your Kira Game translation guide… the gamebrink link doesn’t work anymore, and I would give /anything/ for a copy of this guide… Do you have another source for it, or would you be able to send it to me? I would be sooo grateful!

    (btw, the shot is /gorgeous/ ^^)

  2. lastSKYsamurai

    Yup! love this time of day. I get out on my push bike & ride around for ages, when I have nothing to do. I even have a specific playlist on my iPod just for this. Mainly, Pumpkins, Sufjan Stevens, Silver Suns & Band of Horses.

    Looks like I beat you to it. Been doing this since “Place Promised” lol! ;P

  3. Kevin

    Beautiful sky shot! I would have to agree; 5cm has made me pay much more attention to the sky (and the seemingly normal everyday environments).

  4. Xcomp Post author

    That’s it sent. Hope you left the right email address here ;)

    Meh. You don’t take pictures like I do =P


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