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Doraemon 2008 - Nobita and the Legend of the Green Giant


Doraemon 2008 - Nobita and the Legend of the Green Giant

Yes, I still like watching Doraemon. Laugh all you want =P

Almost forgot about this Nobita and the Legend of the Green Giant from 2008 but, better late than never. This is one of the better new Doraemon movies I've seen full of comedy and less repetitive talking animals material. I'm liking the modern animation style, artwork and the attention to the characters although I still miss the older movies where we would see plenty of Doraemon's gadgets. Interesting to note that the little character Kibou also made an appearance during the 1992 movie, Nobita and The Kingdom of the Clouds.

Kibou is back.

So Nobita's troubled about what to do with his zero test marks once again. A gust of wind scatters his test papers and he falls into a garbage dump trying to gather them together again. There he finds a young withered tree that caught one of his papers and he decides to take it home. He tries to plant it in his garden but gets caught by his mother who doesn't allow him to grow it.

Zero marks again.

Still wanting to keep it but not being allowed to grow, Doraemon comes up with the idea of making it come alive. Nobita names the little tree "Kibou" literally meaning "Ki Boy" because all it can say is "ki" which just also happens to mean "tree" in Japanese. His new name also has the same pronunciation as "hope" which is probably the director's intention. As the days pass, Nobita's parents also accept Kibou because he was a very smart boy who helped Nobita's mother whenever he was away.

Kibou becoming part of the family.

However, aliens from the Planet of Green decides to pass judgement claiming humans were destroying all the green on Earth. Nobita and his friends manage to escape by coincident and arrive at their planet. They are warmly welcomed to their city of Green Pier but also learn of what they are doing to their planet.

Big welcome to the Planet of Green.

Unfortunately, with all his gadgets borrowed by Doremi, there was little Doraemon could do. They manage to escape and come across Princess Leeray who tricks them into thinking she was leading them home but along the way, learns that what her advisor was about to do was wrong.

Lonely Princee Leeray gets befriended by Shizuka.

Eventually with the help of the alien planet's Elder they manage to return to Earth which was already invaded. Fortunately the time watch Doraemon had dropped had frozen life on Earth giving them a chance to save everyone.

Gateway home.

The aliens try to summon their giant using Kibou to wipe out all humans despite the Elder's warnings and the plan backfires on them. But with Nobita's persistence, he wakes up Kibou and everything is restored as the Elder sacrifices himself.

In the end, the princess Leeray announces to her people that they will watch Earth for the time being while Kibou decides to travel around space to learn more and become like the Elder.

Happy ending.


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Saad asif

this movie is great




i love doraemon cartoon........




ur summary was great but i didnt understand some of it but overall u still did a great job n ppl who truely loves Doraemon wont think that its silly of u to still watch it cuz i do too n im 13 years old.



Xcomp Author

Still can't beat Shinkai's work of course ;)

I think Doremi Fansubs still sub the movies.



Maku tama

wow~ Doraemon!!
it is so nice to see that they are still making Doraemon movies~ Doraemon forever! XD
I used to watch the Doraemon movies but I stopped watching it when the company that releases Doraemon movies in my country changed the language into Chinese ;A; with no subs~ gahhhh!!




Wow. I didn't see the movie yet but from the screens, the backgrounds are really nice. It's kind of cool how they retained the simple style for the characters but made the background really nice.