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Doraemon Movie 2009, The New Records of Nobita

The Doraemon movie remakes continue after this year’s “Green Giant” and they don’t seem to be doing it in any particular order… For 2009, a remake of the 1981 “The Records of Nobita, Space Blazer” is due which, is the movie that I only watched half of I think because the second VCD was missing from the copy we had. So, I won’t be able to compare the differences like I did with The Seven Mages or “Nobita’s Dinosaur” remakes.

I’m going to have another bunch of Doraemon DVDs to catch up on next time I’m in Hong Kong but by that time, I’m not sure if I’ll still be getting them…

Wall-E and Pixar’s Next Movie

Got round to watching Wall-E and it’s of expected quality from Pixar. The opening scene really depicted how barren the planet was, making one wonder what happened and how lonely little Wall-E was. It was also interesting to see how the Pixar team replaced the various elements you would expect in a romance movie such as using the lighter instead the candle stick although, the approach on the love theme appears to make an earlier entry and is more direct than previous works.

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Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora Episode 9

Episode 9 Summary – First Love

I was so surprised by the rapid development in their relationship.
Go Gouta, go! – Rei

Sora was talking to Michiru over the phone that morning. She had seen their rescue operation and was proud of her. They do a bit of catching up and learns Michiru was going to meet her boyfriend Touyama. She was very grateful to Sora for casting that snow magic and helping bring them together. She also wonders if Sora’s found a boyfriend too when she learns about her new mage friends and teases her.

Hanging up and making her way to the wash basin, Sora finds Gouta there too. She apologises for acting so superior back at Kujuukuri but Gouta thanks her for helping him and invites her out. There was a place he wanted to show her.

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Evangelion 1.01 Rebuild Movie Limited Edition DVD Review

If you browse a lot of Anime blogs then you will probably have seen many photos of the unpacking of the Evangelion 1.01 Limited Edition DVD but, here’s my set and my thoughts on the movie. I know the raws and subbed versions of this movie has been up for some time but I decided to hold out so that I watched my own DVDs when my copy arrived from Play-Asia.

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Pixar’s 2009 Movie Named “UP” and Cars Sequel in Line?

According to Pixar Planet, Pixar Studios maybe planning to release a movie named “Up” in 2009 and that Disney may want a “Cars 2” in 2011. I really can’t imagine what kind of story a movie named “Up” will have. Space related perhaps? As for a sequel to Cars, I don’t really want one because I think the story’s been wrapped up well enough already for Lightning McQueen.

Meanwhile, I’m curious to see what their movie for this year, “Wall-E” is like. From the trailers, it looks like a cute comedy. I see they’ve changed their jumping lamp animation during the company logo for this one too!

This reminds me… I’ve still to pick up Cars and the more recent Ratatouille for my Pixar DVD collection.

Wall-E Coming 2008