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Gin-iro no Kami no Agito, A Mish Mash of Deja Vu Scenes?

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Gin-iro no Kami no Agito, A Mish Mash of Deja Vu Scenes?

Got round to watching the movie I bought during my recent trip to HK and it's alright but nothing memorable like the actual Miyazaki Ghibli movies. I won't describe what it's about because you can read all about it at the official English site.

A lot of the scenes reminded me of different Miyazaki movies namely Laputa, Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa. I hadn't read the full credits featured on the front cover before I decided to buy it but surprise surprise, the one behind the concept was Umanosuke Iida who worked on Nausicaa and Laputa. No wonder there were so many similarities.

Screen 1

Agito and mysterious girl, Tula. - Laputa

Animation was top notch as most would expect from Studio GONZO and the sound track wasn't too bad either. Didn't like the opening song but the ending "Ai no Melody" was good. Voice acting on the other hand was poorly done because they lacked emotion most of the time. I guess it's understandable when voices such as Tula's were done by actress (not voice actress) Aoi Miyazaki. No voice acting experience.

As for the HK version of the DVD itself, there was no extras on the single disk - just the movie itself. Too bad because a trailer would have been nice. Well, at least the cover looks better than the brown Japanese DVD :P

Screen 2

Forest with powers and guardians. - Princess Mononoke / Nausicaa

Screen 3

Boy gets a powerful arm. - Princess Mononoke

Screen 4

Search for the secret room behind wall. - Laputa

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