Persona 5 Platinum Trophy Guide

Usually game series get mundane after so many titles but Atlus pretty much took Persona 5 to a new level and refined it so much it’s worth a second playthrough. So here is a guide on how to get the Platinum trophy while you’re at it.

The trophies are pretty much similar to Persona 4 Golden but might actually be easier thanks to new features like skill bonuses you get from different Co-ops, the new name for social links in Persona 5.

You’ll need a minimum of 2 playthroughs for the platinum trophy since some of the conditions can only be satisfied then.

This guide was written based on my own translations of the Japanese game and not the official English translations.

First Playthrough

Prioritise maxing your social stats just like in P4G. Again, as with P4G your money, Persona collection and items will get carried over for any future playthroughs so feel free to keep only the best gear and sell everything else so you have plenty of money to re-summon Personas for fusing and obtaining the complete collection trophy.

I recommend playing on normal difficulty at least and make sure every character gets plenty of abuse (especially Akechi who is only available for a limited amount of time) or you’ll have problems unlocking the “Passionate Listener” trophy ^^;

My trophies, without using any guides were the following excluding the 12 bronze story related ones:

The Merciless Executioner Performed 50 fusions
Execution Brings Reincarnation Performed a fusion
Combo Attack All out attack 50 times
Certain Knowledge Exploited weaknesses 100 times
Best Partner Got a lover
Reverse Soul Got Asenu
The Mask of a Honour Student Rise to top of student rankings
Inside You Obtained a Persona via negotiation
Many Masks Obtained 30 Persona via negotiation. Successfully talking to the same persona counts.
Sneaky One Successfully sneak attacked 50 times.
True Talent Maximised all social stats.
Holding Back Hit 3 or more enemies with single gun attack. Anne or Ryuusuke’s machine gun works.
New Phantom Thieves Cleared 5 missions.
Aggressive Searcher Obtained 150 items from Palace objects.

So that’s 26/49 after 80 hours getting to the “true” ending.

Second Playthrough

For this second playthrough you can press option to speed up the playback but for regular dialogue and those battle result screens, you can hold triangle to skip through them without spamming confirm button.

These are the trophies I got this time round:

Passionate Listener 250 lines from Futaba. This is actually very hard to get if you don’t get it the first playthrough by using ALL characters.
Ultimate Attack Deal more than 999 damage in one hit. Very easy to get with a high level Persona and using a move such as Megaton Raid.
Thief’s Duty Obtain a Genie. See the note below on Mask Collector.
At the End of Reincarnation Defeat the Twins. Can only do after playing through game once. Hidden boss.
Mask Collector Complete 100% of the compendium. You’ll need all Social Links maxed as in P4G and 100% includes the genies.
The Great Phantom Thief Team Max all Coops in one playthrough.
Power of Bonds Baton Touch 3 times in a single fight. You’ll need members that are coop rank 2 or higher then a battle with 3 enemies you can exploit. Exploit one, baton touch then don’t surround them for the last baton touch.
Defeat the reaper Stay on the same level in Mementos long enough and you’ll hear Mona say, “We better be careful here.” That’s when the reaper’s around.
Drink Maniac Last drink will probably be Akihabara, “Strawberry Curry” available after 10/10
Under The Twins Name 3 Persona fusion formation available after 5/18.
Many Sacrifices Hanging death Persona power up available after 6/21.
Noble Experiment Electric chair available after you clear Futaba’s dungeon for converting Persona to items.
Recommendations Sent a Persona to the isolation room. After Twins coop is rank 3.
Competent Negotiator Rescued party member from enemy. This happens sometimes when your party member is down by weakness or a critical hit at which point, you can negotiate.
Perfect Job Complete all missions. As long as you’re maxing out all coops and finishing off missions as you get them, you’ll get this trophy.
My Garden Unlocked all spots for hanging out.
King of Fishes Caught the fish king.
Trading Behind The Scenes Bought a custom gun.
Craft Worker Crafted all items possible. After 7/25, you’ll have all recipes unlocked.
Book Worm Read all books
Rebelling Against God Created Satanael.
Golden Fingers Beat all video games.
Heavy Hitter Got a home run in the batting centre.

A lot of the trophies you get as a result of the harder trophies so here are some tips on how to get the harder trophies.

Level Up to 99 Fast

To level to 99 quickly so that you have a better chance of defeating the optional tough bosses, you can make use of the Reaper that appears in Mementos. On 11/13, 11/14, 11/15, 12/8, 12/9 is influenza day which is when some of the Shadows start off in despair state. This means they won’t attack you and automatically die after 3 turns – this includes the reaper too! However, the reaper won’t always start off in despair so a bit of luck is involved too.

What you do is go to a waiting room so you can save beforehand, go down then wait for a while (couple of minutes) and he will appear. Attack him and if he is in despair, just rush to end the battle quickly. If he isn’t in despair then escape and keep trying until he does appear with despair status. He will just re-appear in the same spot after you escape so you don’t have to search again far.

It can sometimes take more than 5 tries before he ends up with despair but still a lot faster than level grinding the usual way. You gain around 72,000 XP which lets you gain 6 levels or more when you’re in the low level 60s.

It’s recommended you have Hifumi’s (after 6/25) rank 5 ability “Breakout” so that you have a 100% escape rate.

Once he sizzles away, just return to the waiting room and repeat. You can enjoy all the banter and collect some treasure while waiting.

At the End of Reincarnation

Velvet Room boss fight for this game which is only available second playthrough. Speak with Justine outside the Velvet Room door.

Yoshitune is still the best Persona for this fight with his Charge and random 8 hit combo just like in P4G’s Margaret fight. Not to mention he’s pretty much immune to everything. You can solo it or just have a full party, equip accessories to make up for their weaknesses and let them defend while you attack so that they can take a few hits while distracting the twins for you.

Mask Collector

You won’t be able to complete this until the second playthrough when you max out your coop rank with the twins so that you can fuse Satanael.

You will also want to pay attention to capturing genies (8 in total) because they can’t be fused and can only be captured in dungeons via negotiation. However, since they don’t have any weaknesses, the only way to do this is to use a skill that has a good critical rate.

Another approach is you can to raise your coop rank with Shinya (available after finishing mission “The Cheating Bastard” 9/4) and use his rank 1 ability “Shot Down” which will guarantee a critical hit without damaging them (problem if you’re high level since might kill them) but at the cost of all bullets. So, it’s better getting his rank up to 6 which will mean you don’t end up using all your bullets.

Having Futaba’s rank 4 ability “Position Hack” is also recommended because if you’re lucky, you can negotiate without even fighting! It doesn’t happen often but it did a few times for me so it will help.

To raise the spawn rate of the genies, you can dungeon crawl on bad weather days and craft the infiltration item “Easy Genie” which you can then use when in the dungeons. They appear in both Mementos and the story Palaces.

I captured them all in December during rainy weather with Shinya’s coop maxed and Easy Genie tool.

  • Regent
    Madarame Palace, Mementos Temperance
  • Queen’s Necklace
    Kaneshiro Palace, Mementos Virtue
  • Sqoon’s Stone
    Futaba Palace, Mementos Compassion
  • Koh-i-noor
    Okumura Palace, Mementos Passion
  • Orlov
    Nijima Palace, Mementos Generosity Levels 1 – 5
  • Great Emperor’s Talisman
    Shido Palace, Mementos Generosity Levels 7+
  • Hope Diamond
    Shido Palace, Mementos Generosity Levels 7+
  • Crystal Skull
    Shido Palace, Mementos Generosity Levels 7+

Great way to save some money if you find genies that you don’t need since they defeating them can give you up to 200,000 Yen which you’ll need for finishing off fusing all Personas. Crystal Skull is supposed to be the hardest to find but, I must have been very lucky because it was the first to appear ^^;

Hope Diamond appeared a lot for me while crawling Mementos Generosity. Great Emperor was the hardest to find, taking around 1 hour of working my way to the last floor then repeating from the waiting room again.

Passionate Listener

Just like in P4G, I didn’t think I could get this either since you have to hear every single status effect that every character gets hit with as well as various battle related lines.

There isn’t a difficulty trophy so you can play on easy but to hear all 250 lines from Futaba you’ll have to play on normal at least and cycle through all characters. Obviously the higher the difficulty the more likely your party will get hit by status effects so you can go into options and set it to hard while dragging out battles once Futaba becomes the navi.

Then, switch members out as they join and make sure they end up having their weaknesses exploited and get hit with various status effects. Also let them be the star of battles rather than using the protagonist so that Futaba praises them. Don’t use all out so you get the “x enemies left” lines too.

Getting all lines is probably easier the first playthrough since you’ll feel less compelled to rush through the battles.

Finally, remember Akechi is only available for one dungeon. I didn’t make a list of all the possible status effects and exploits to check off but I did make sure he got plenty of abuse =P

Drinks Maniac

There are new drinks appearing in Shibuya Central on 9/1 and Akihabara has a single limited drink that only appears after 10/10.

Maximising Co-ops

You can have multiple romances but there won’t be any negative effects like in P3 once you’re caught. It’s possible to max out all social stats and coops during the first playthrough according to this JP guide but I haven’t tried it: (Japanese)

You’re going to need to max out coops to unlock some spots for the “My Garden” trophy anyway but thanks to all the new coop abilities, I think it’s actually easier than before. Other than presents and selecting the right choice in chats, there are some other ways to help raise coop ranks.

  • If your active Persona matches the one of your coop when you hang out with them, you get an extra coop point for some choices.
  • You can pray at Meiji Shrine for 1000 Yen for +1/2 points once you’ve unlocked the location.
  • During 9/1 – 10/10 you can buy a postcard from the Shibuya Roshinante store and send it out using the post box just opposite the supermarket near Leblanc.

12/22 will be the last day you can hang out with people. I managed to max out all coops by start of December – excluding the ones that go up by themselves over the course of the story.

Here are a few you might want to prioritise:

Toranosuke Yoshida

After 11/28, the politician won’t be available any more. He is usually standing by the tourist info bus outside Shibuya Station and doesn’t become a coop until you’ve met him by working at the grill a few times.

Chihaya Mifune

You can meet her after gaining access to Shinjuku and buying a 100,000 Yen “fortune stone” from her. Her rank 7 ability will allow you to +3 social points to any coop of your choice for 5000 Yen.

Sadayo Kawakami

Very expensive raising her rank since you have to pay 5000 Yen for her maid service on Fridays and Saturdays. Sometimes she may give you a call on Wednesdays.

Available after 5/24 when she is caught working as a maid. If you speak to her outside the staff room the next day saying, “I’ve got some questions about a lesson”. Then at night, if you have enough courage, you can give her a call from Leblanc.

Basically the higher the coop rank, the more things she can do for you to save you time. The best thing is probably a massage that lets you do other things even after dungeon crawling like reading or hanging out with a coop!

Rank 1 “Slacking Off” will mean you can read or craft tools during class, giving you more time on other things.
Rank 3 “Home Maid” will help do the laundry (clean up the mystery dirty gear from dungeons) and make coffee for you that refills SP.
Rank 10 “Special Massage” will allow you to do something even after going dungeon crawling.

By the time you reach rank 10 (lover status only?), you can call her to do things for free.

Takemi Tae

Available very early in the game. As you rank up, more recovery items are available but once you hit rank 5, she sells important accessories too such as the “Great Chi Plaster” which really helps with SP in the bigger dungeons – especially when you want to beat them in one game day. The plasters recover a bit of SP every turn in battle.

However, don’t buy the accessories until the co-op hits rank 7 when everything becomes half price!

Missable Co-ops

You might miss Caroline and Justine. Show them a Jackfrost with Mahabufu which you can easily get in the art gallery dungeon and levelling up will get you the skill.

Golden Fingers, King of Fishing

You can save first so that after you’ve unlocked this trophy you can re-load the save to save yourself some time. Or just load an earlier save to do it later.

Toughest one is probably the temple game where you have to hit a sequence of buttons like in a fighter game. Even with the extended time you get from reading the book it will take some practice so save before trying.

For fishing, the king fish only appears on the very last turn when Mona says, “We’ve been fishing for quite a while.” and it looks like a long slender eel. If you’ve read the book and can use the Third Eye, it’ll stand out as gold. It’s much harder to fish than in P4G so you’ll probably want to earn enough fishing points to exchange for the Miracle Rod and wait until it’s as close as possible to you before trying to hook it up.

You can actually throw a small bait to direct it towards you since any fish that doesn’t like a bait will just turn and swim in the opposite direction. You’ll have to make sure there aren’t any small fishes nearby of course!

They should probably have made this a silver at least.

Book Worm

Prioritise the ones in the library because you will lose access by November in the game. There are 8 books but only 4 of them are accessible at first. Others become available after other characters join you so be sure to check back in the library when you have a new party member.

Note that you might have already unlocked some spots while hanging out with coops but even then you will still have to read these books. The upside is if you’ve already unlocked the spot, time won’t pass by so I recommend skipping the spot guidebooks and leaving them last.

This must be done in one playthrough as in P4G. Again, there’s a speed reading book you can pick up in Jinbocho (unlocked via Hifumi Togo rank 4 who you can meet after beating the bank dungeon or wait until 8/15 to go out with Makoto) which again, just like P4G, lets you read 2 parts a time. You’ll have to finish reading 3 other books before you can buy it though. Meantime you can focus on the books with odd page numbers or less than 2 pages.

You can read on the train, in Leblanc using the stool next to the phone and sometimes in the library on the one of the round tables (after Makoto joins you or she’ll be hogging the only free seat for reading)…

School Library Room

  • Great Thief Arsene Lupin
  • Legend of the Pirates
  • Great Pirate Zoro
  • The Bewitching Dancer
  • Legendary Thief (Ryuunosuke)
  • The Queen of Illusion (Makoto)
  • Cry of Cthulhu (Futaba)
  • The Girl Who Walked The Darkness (Haru)

Own Room
Yoncha Michikusa April Issue – You’ll get it right after cleaning up your room.

Shibuya Central

  • Ways to Calm The Mind 4/8
  • The Story of Puchikou
  • How to Sweet Talk
  • Threat of Mejiedo 5/6
  • A Weekend Interview at the Park 5/18 Unlocks Inokashira Park
  • Cover Girl Unlocks Harajuku
  • Weird and Wonderful Phrases 6/1
  • An Adult’s Guide to Dating Unlocks Odaiba Seaside Park
  • The Rumoured Spiritual Experience 7/1
  • Guide to Fishing 7/16 Unlocks Ichigaya, fishing mini game
  • Guide to Tokyo’s Shrines 9/1 Unlocks Meiji Shrine, pray for extra coop points
  • Starry Sky Museum Unlocks Ikebukuro
  • A Tour Around Old Bookstores Unlocks Jinbocho, Buy more books including speed reading


Each book is unlocked after reading the one before.

  • Ballad of Kengo Buyu
  • Be Called Boss
  • Heroic Lady Killer
  • Speed Reading – Guess what this will help you with…

From Missions

  • Sweets Around Chinatown, “Hello Job from Hell” Unlocks Motomachi Chinatown
  • A Trip Around Amusement Parks, “We’re Not Slaves” Unlocks Disney
  • Downtown Reborn, “Bring The Hammer Down on the Bad Businesses” Unlocks Sensou Temple

Missable Books

Most of the books you can buy from the Shinjuku bookstore only appear after you’ve had a try at certain events, namely the following:

  • Flower Compendium
    After working at the flower shop. Gives hints about what flowers the customer is looking for.
  • Batting Spirit
    After playing the batting mini game at the batting centre near Leblanc. Lets you use the Third Eye ability to slowdown batting. Will help you get the “Heavy Hitter” trophy.
  • Essense of Fishing
    After going fishing. Lets you use the Third Eye while fishing to see which fishes are more valuable so you can earn points quickly for the Miracle Rod and make it easier to get the “King of Fishing” trophy.
  • Treasures in the Movies
    After going to the cinema. Increases the social stat points you gain from watching movies.
  • Amazing Video Games Guide
    After playing a video game which you can do after buying the used games console from the second hand store near Leblanc. Makes beating the video games easier by giving you more time. Helps for getting the “Golden Fingers” trophy… A bit.

Craft Worker

You can’t get this trophy until 7/25 when Morgana’s coop and the full list of items you can craft are unlocked.

The main materials you’ll probably end up missing are mercury and red powder. If you don’t slack off in Shidou’s cruiser dungeon in December, you should get the drops while fighting your way through there.

Note you must make the items yourself instead of asking Sadayo to do it.


There isn’t a trophy for this like in P4G but it’s fun to see what ornaments you can collect for your room. Most of them are from hanging out with coops.

The figures on top of the workbench are crane game prizes from the Akiba Arcade and the prize changes everyday. On days with a number 7 it’s easier to win. There are 5 to collect – Jackfrost, Little Burger, Wanawana, Rexy, Lost Sheep (from Catherine). Only the back corner machine can be used.

  • Swan Boat, Inokashira Park with Iwai
  • Ramen Donburi, Ogikubo Ramen place with Ryuuji
  • Nude Statue, Ueno Gallery with Yusuke
  • Night View Pennant, Odaiba Park with Kawakami
  • Sky Tower Light, Sensou Sky Tower with Chihaya
  • Giant Spatula, Tsukishima with Haru
  • Shuumai Cushion, Chinatown with Makoto
  • I Love Tokyo T-shirt, Tour Sensou with Futaba
  • Idol Poster, Harajuku with Anne
  • Constellation Stickers, Ikebukuro with Yuusuke
  • Shogi King Piece, Jinbocho with Hifumi
  • Hero Figure, Akihabara with Futaba
  • Shainyan Doll, Suidobashi with Makoto
  • Ward, Meiji Shrine with Yuusuke
  • Sushi Cup, Ginza with Ichiko
  • Chocolate Fountain, Buffet with Anne
  • Kumade, Sensou with Haru (11/6 event with Haru only)

The following Japanese Wikis were used for reference for my second playthrough:

Well, have fun getting the platinum trophy!

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