Official Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Novel Gets Drama CD

Can’t get enough of the FFXIII story? Well, “Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero – Promise“, a set of novellas that take place before the events of the main game, has been freely available for reading online for some time now.

Only chapter one of the story “Encounter” came on a bonus drama CD with the 5 disc, First Press Limited Edition of the Japanese OST. Now, all chapters will be voiced and recorded into a single drama CD due for release on September 15th with big name Seiyuus such as Maaya Sakamoto involved.

One bonus story not available on the website will also be included and the first press edition will come with a slip case cover.

Wonder if Toriyama and Watanabe will eventually release a hardback novel like Nojima did with FFVII: On the Way to a Smile?

5 thoughts on “Official Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Novel Gets Drama CD

  1. Maaya

    ;_; are you considering translating this? I have that limited edition 5 disk soundtrack~~ WHY IS ThE NEW PACKING SO MUCH NICER!??!?!??!

    Square, milking my pocket money as always X_x

    1. LHY Post author

      I don’t know… Depends how much I like the game’s story when I finally get a chance to play it ^^;

      1. Zen

        I agree with this Maaya person. Pre-story doesn’t necessary mean you’ll be spoiled by game story. If anything, pre-story would enhance the game story much more because of the inclusion of an actual everyday life feel that the game doesn’t quite have.

        Then again, if you don’t like the game’s story, then it’s not like you’re forced to translate any popular thing that produces a light novel.

        1. LHY Post author

          I don’t mind spoilers and I wouldn’t mind backtracking to these stories if I do end up liking the game. But if I don’t then, I think it would be a waste of free time and effort getting this done when I could be working on something I do like ^^;


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