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How Much Extra Script Did P3P Get?

Atlus added in enough script for the new Heroine in Persona 3 Portable to fill in four of these books apparently. But just how much of the original game is it equivalent to and how does it compare to other remakes?

And will they be making P3P drama CDs? Might want to keep an eye on the voice actress, Manami Inoue's blog to find out.

P3P Script Books

On another note, the downloadable (legit) version of P3P for the PSP Go has broken the 10,000 copy mark in Japan so it looks like people don't really mind not having a physical copy of the game and manual over there.

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Xcomp Author

Yes there is. In Japanese only just now of course.




her name sounds like a brand of spam, maybe that's why it sounds bad to you =(

is there a physical version of the game on sale too? or is it download only, because if it is download only, it looks like I will never play it then =(



Xcomp Author

Yeah, that was my mistake. I read it as "10 man" and not "1 man". Fixed now.




Well, I know, but the article/blog entry no. 11 only mentioned downloads for the PSP Go. And there are 1万=10k downloads during the 2 weeks since the release. I don't think it's a bad ratio, because within these 2 weeks Sony haven't sold 50k PSP Go.

Source: www.psphyper.com

And about the the name of the female MC: http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Female_Protagonist_(Persona_3)





You do not need to own a PSP Go to download from the PSN. You just need a big enough memory stick.

On other matters... I seriously dislike the name the japanese gave the female MC. Hamuko. Dunno why... but I seriously dislike it.




There are only 10.000 copies, I do not think that more than 100k PSP Go have found an owner :-)

As a fan of P3 (and P3 Fes & P4) I have much fun with P3P. Now I have reached the end of November with the female maincharacter and I really appreciate the new changes like the quick icon-based navigation (it reminds me of the Tokimeki games) and the new portraits of Shinjiro.