SMT Strange Journey Official Site and Trailer Up

The official site for Atlus’ latest Shin Megami Tensei title, Strange Journey is up as mentioned it would be last time.

Official Site

I think Meguro’s doing a good job with the music so far if the trailer’s single soundtrack is anything to go by. It doesn’t have the same pop style P3, P4 and indeed the more recent Persona PSP had.

4 thoughts on “SMT Strange Journey Official Site and Trailer Up

  1. Ren

    It’s seems Meguro aim for more mature and sci-fi style for Strange Journey.
    Maybe it’ll be closer to Nocturne/DDS OST than Persona3/4/PSP.

    1. Xcomp Post author

      I prefer it that way to be honest. The dark and pop styles have been good but, more Trauma Centre style music would be great 😀

  2. Xcomp Post author

    Nope, I didn’t. Some other people emailed me about it too but thanks for dropping a link! I’ll post something about it soon =)


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