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Random Images from Neta Michelin


Random Images from Neta Michelin


Decided to give Neta Michelin a look after seeing the mix of weird and funny images posted at Dannychoo.com. Some are obviously "photoshopped".

Contradicting sign here, eh? Would have been better if they changed the word order but, couldn't they have chosen a better word than "average"? Pity I don't see signs like this over here!

"Eat and be amazed! Your average Udon and Soba noodles." - Wha? (;´д`)

Didn't know the old Mario games can look so good when it's set in the dawn with a bit of 3D.

3D Mario Wallpaper

Spiral power!


I'm not going to spend time going through all of them but, you can also find one of pigeons flocking in for food, "Give us FOOD!" which is funny and a bit disturbing at the same time. Then there's the stretchy dog... Some pictures on the site are just NSFW so be warned.


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Somehow, that 3D-fied Mario pick just screams "ENDLESS FRONTIER" to me. I don't know why. ^_^;