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5 Centimeters per Second to Get Blue-ray and HD-DVD Releases

5 Centimeters per Second Anime

5 Centimeters per Second to Get Blue-ray and HD-DVD Releases

Those of you who have been holding out for Full HD 1080p versions of Shinkai's works will soon be able to purchase them because both "The Day Promised in Our Early Days" and "5 Centimetres per Second" will be released in Blue-Ray and HD-DVD format in Japan on April 18th costing 5775 Yen (US$55) each.

The ending credits of "5 Centimetres per Second" had showed the movie was produced in HD format so it was a matter of time before this happened really. The only bad news is there is no limited edition so if you want that film strip, you'll still just have to go for the limited edition DVD release.

Content-wise, these HD releases contain the movie itself and eight minutes of extras. The extras are comprised of the movie trailers and also the "One more time, One more chance" PV 5 Centimetres per Second Special Edition that only came with the LE DVD release. However, oddly enough it seems to be missing the interview with Makoto Shinkai which both versions of the DVD contained.

I obviously won't be getting this because I already own the DVD and, I don't have an HD media player. I think it would be amazing to watch the beautiful artwork in its Full HD glory, though!

5cm early days

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I'm afraid these won't have English subtitles. Maybe you'll see HK releases with English subtitles sometime afterwards but I don't know.




OMFG please tell me that there are english subtitles because if there is I am sooo buying it if not then I guess ile buy the ADV one then buy it after and hopefully ADV will release it on blu-ray as well.




Hmmm, I doubt any of his movies will get a sequel, just references perhaps.




Oh wow! And i just watched Voices of a Distant Star last night, again! Man, seing how HD-DVD is now dead, i would just cry (not realy) to watch this on Blueray.

Oneday.... Also, i hope VoaDS gets a sequal oneday. would be so nice.