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Final Fantasy III Website Grand Opening

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Final Fantasy III Website Grand Opening


The website for the soon to be released NDS game, Final Fantasy III is now open. There isn't much information on it at the moment apart from a short prologue and character info.

Final Fantasy III will be available on August 24th in Japan. An English release will be available shortly afterwards it seems.

First released under the same name on the NES (AKA, Famicom) in the 90s, this NDS remake will feature the same job change and summoning system, playing at the same pace as the current Final Fantasy series of games. With no remakes on any other consoles, this game makes a reappearance after 16 years.

With the DS version, the original game gets a 3D graphical makeover, upgraded sound and scenarios that really show off the characters' personalities. This remake also makes good use of the NDS' features such as its Wi-Fi support and how it can be played using only the stylus.

Official Site: http://www.square-enix.co.jp/ff3/

Quietly, the man from the Gulgan Tribe spoke...

The great earthquake isn't a mere bad omen.

The crystal, the source of all the light in the world, is being dragged deep underground. Monsters being born from the great number of earthquakes is nothing when compared to what is about to happen.

An orphan who was raised by the elder of Uru, Topapa. Filled with curiosity, Luneth is always a positive and outward looking but, there is something missing about him that makes him the type who draws out the powers in others.

Although his words are daring, he is usually ends up regretting them. Even so, he takes responsibility for his words and will work hard until the last moment without running away. Luneth always manages to raise the mood around him.


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